How to Become a Millionaire: Start Thinking Like One via Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is one of the most qualified trainers and coaches in the world regarding “how to become a millionaire”. Few days ago he published on his blog an article highlighting 6 exercises to get you closer and closer to the millionaire status if this is something which might interest you.


1) How to Make More Money: Start By Writing Down Your Ideas
2) Goal Setting: Relax and Reflect on Your Financial Goals
3) Gaining Financial Independence Using The Magic Wand Technique
4) Project Forward and Think Back on Your Financial Goals
5) How to Become a Millionaire By Practicing “Mind-Storming” on Every Problem
6) Save Your Money and Become a Millionaire

My favoutite is 5) and you can find the whole article here.

One thought on “How to Become a Millionaire: Start Thinking Like One via Brian Tracy

  1. To become a Millionaire, you must:
    – Create a Plan!
    – Stick to Your Plan(s)!
    – Remain Focused!
    – Develop/Maintain a Millionaire Mindset…

    I believe that any person (from any walk of life) can become a Millionaire if they have the right mindset and discipline. Having a Millionaire Mindset increases your chances of Becoming a Millionaire Ten Fold. To learn more go to…

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