Top 11 Beaches in America (That have the most attractive people!)

The website just published a list with the top 11 beaches in America. They say that there you can meet the most attractive people. Let’s put them in my travel list. With 88,633 miles of coastline, the United States is home to plenty of spots to enjoy the waves and admire the scenery. For the sexiest beaches with the most attractive people, look no further than these:

1. South Beach, Florida

Florida is full of sexy beach-goers, but this is where most of them flock. Topless tanning is “illegal”, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen…

2. Ka’anapali, Hawaii

This Maui beach is notable for its bronzed beachgoers strolling in and out of gentle waves. Hula dancers also dance sensually in the evening amid fiery torches.

3. Hanalei Bay, Hawaii

It’s hard to pick just one beach in Hawaii, so also highly recommended is the two-mile coastline of Hanalei Bay in Kau’i. The most common beach-goers are muscular surfers and beautiful beach bums.

4. Manhattan Beach, California

Cali is known for its beaches, but Manhattan is arguably the fittest and sexiest. People strut in their swimsuits both on and off the sand, and most locals are between 25 and 44 years old.

5. Blacks Beach, California

If you don’t like the crowds of Manhattan Beach, head south to San Diego, where you’ll find Blacks Beach. Toned surfers flaunt their moves, and nude sunbathers often occupy the sandy cliffs.

Enjoy the rest of the list here.


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