Affiliate Marketers Are Uneducated And Rich

This title blew my mind this morning, but I have to say that in the affiliate marketing game any formal education has almost 0 value and the most important is to know how to do things and apply the knowledge after.

According to a new survey performed by Optimus Performance Marketing, the majority of people who make a living as performance marketers don’t have any formal training in this industry. Only 47% of the respondents said that they got any type of training or education at their school, college, university or even on the job training when it comes to this industry.

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While this may not come as much of a surprise to many, since affiliate marketing, and making money online in general, has been primarily a self-taught skill since the beginning, that may be changing. The survey also found that 73% of respondents felt that people who are interested in working in affiliate marketing could benefit from some sort of formal education or training.

Given the rapid growth of this industry, it seems likely that many colleges and universities will begin offering more courses, and even degree programs, that focus specifically on online and affiliate marketing.

Of course, even those who are self-taught have likely gotten some help along the way. 42% said they learned a lot from ‘how-to’ guides online. Another 28% said that e-books were their primary way of learning about the industry. Get here the original article

One thought on “Affiliate Marketers Are Uneducated And Rich

  1. Great post. to be successful in affiliate marketing requires a skill set. Investing in your online marketing education essential for having success. It’s no different than becoming a doctor or an accountant.

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