Robin Williams, one of my favourite actors is no longer with us

I simply don’t accept the idea that outstanding people like Robim Williams, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and many others simply die instead of living a rich so called retirement and benefiting from their life’s work.

Robin Williams - photo Everett Collection
Robin Williams – photo Everett Collection

Yesterday I’ve spoken with my wife during the drive through the highway about how many really successful people I know almost reverse the aging process and live fulfilling lifes in their 60’s and 70’s. Most of them are speakers, trainers, personal development gurus and they seem to know something other people don’t. In the same time, geniuses like the ones stated above seem to be too tired to go further in life.

I’m not in any position to say something but I sense a big regret to see such amazing people dying this way. Music is one of my biggest pasions but with movies I see them as entertaining experiences and usuallly don’t store them in my memory. This way, I can see the same movie at 6 months distance and to be as seeing for the first time. I don’t remember the names of the actors, directors, with few notable exceptions.

Robin Williams was one of the exceptions. I truly laughed many times seeing his roles and he really enriched my life with his work. RIP big guy!

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