How important is the internal dialogue

What the heck is the internal dialogue, youu may say. Do this exercise: lay down, close your eyes and hear … the thoughts in your head or … the voices. C’mon, do this! This internal voice can make or break you and it is very important to take notes on what’s there. No matter what kind of career we are pursuing, we are human beings and we have certain elements inside of us working in the same ways for all our pears.

internal dialogue

And one of the things we don’t take at all into consideration is the internal dialogue. This can be the source for wealth, happiness, wealth, poorness, epic life or suicide. Most of the internal dialogue is built over years and we don’t have any control over it … until we decide consciously to take control.

This knowledge is connected with how we work as humans and it is available anywhere in the world in the same way.

No, even my business training starts with 30 to 60 minutes of pure personal development stuff where I compress the essence of what I’ve learned in the last 10 years. Come back here often for more personal development jewels.


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