The word to today is speed. The speed to … nowhere or what?

Today everything is measured by speed: the speed of internet, speed reading, speed dating, speed everything. Most of us don’t have real goals but we push the speed button towards the town of nowhere. Why we do this?


Researchers at Harvard shown that we block ourselves from having clarity and even find fast solutions to our problems. They believe that the constant traffic of thoughts prevents us from seeing clearly, listening in detail and tapping one of our most precious resources – our intuition.

The reality is that our minds constantly work overtime and we can percieve a rhythm of 20 – 30 thoughts per minute. The human heart, effectively beats only 9 hours every day. It beats roughly 70 times every minute meaning that it rests 15 hours every day.

Contrary to what may we believe, the best way to get more done is to do less. The cycle of performance for the best achievers like Richard Branson (my favourite entrepreneur) is: intense focus + determined execution + deep recovery + intense focus. Yes, humans need to be switched off in order to function at peak performance. Things like coaching and meditation works very well and I’m thinking a lot now about how to apply this knowledge in my professional life.


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