#mindsetgiveaway continues with an interview featuring Cloe Madanes, one of the partners of Anthony Robbins

Expect … the unexpected!  Here is a fresh interview/ webinar featuring legendary author, teacher, and coach, Cloe Madanes which by the way is one of the close collaborators of Anthony Robbins. 
Cloe shared the behind-the-scenes story of how Tony found her, got her to come meet him in Fiji, and recruited her to form Robbins Madanes. You’ll hear how the mission was formed, why Strategic Intervention is different from other approaches, and how this collaboration has transformed the field of life coaching.

Cloe Madanes
Cloe Madanes

Cloe also took on some great live questions, including:

-> Helping one coach with her business clients’ #1 problem
-> How to use the “pretend strategy” with clients to create changes in areas where they are less confident
-> How to help one successful life coach (working virtually from a remote part of South America) to balance her career success with her marriage

Get the interview here.

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