5 great ways to open a speech

Some of my daily habits are to read something which will help me to elevate my career – at least 30 mins and also to publish content online – something to really help you in some way. I publish on my blog, on other websites I contribute to the reason being that I really want to touch as many lifes possible.

You know, if at least one person will find something here which will be helpful in life or the career it means that what I do makes sense. I came across this morning an article about how to open a speech.

Speaking on stage is one of the most rewarding professional experience and I’m looking to “do it” as often as possible to as diverse audiences as possible. And I know from the experience how important is to start with the right foot, connect with the audience and make a difference. Do I want to be boring? Hell, no! Do I want to see the people in the audience watching the clock on their phones and asking … when will this end? Of course, not.

According to Allan and Barbara Pease, authors of “The Definitive Book of Body Language,” the audience forms 60 to 80 percent of its impression of a speaker within the first four minutes. The rest of the article is here.

public speaking
public speaking


Social Media Workshop Cluj Business Days July 2014
Social Media Workshop Cluj Business Days July 2014

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