The power of habits and how to use it in your advantage

You see, the day has 24 hrs everywhere in the world and it is a resource which is the same for everybody. When you are an employee you sell your time for the value of the monthly earning and when you are an employer you actually buy time because you hire people ready to trade their time for money. Most of the time people around you (including myself) say this big lie – I don’t have time. This is by far one of the biggest lie in life because we all have the same amount of time in our hands. The difference is in how we use the hours we have.

For example, do you know that simply by waking up at 6 AM you burn a quarter of the day? No, I don’t say that you have to wake up at 4 AM but just to understand the importance not on managing the time but managing your actions during the day. And here comes a very important an powerful tool – the rituals.

What you do first thing when you wake up? Almost automatically? Maybe you go top the toilet, open some social media accounts, light a cigar, drink some coffee? Let me tell you – and this is somtehing already tested and modelled that simply by changing the habit of lighting a cigar firt time in the morning to eating a fresh fruit on an empty stomach will add a lot of years to your life (of course, if you will not be so unlucky to finish your life in a plane crash or something else out of the control). Throughout the day we have various habits – eating habits, at work, health ones, regarding relationships so it is better to analyse your habits, change them if they don’t serve you and create the life as you want it. Why, because you can!



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