Why speaking in front of an audience?

After just one training session I had people saying things like: “Thank you for teaching me how to set my goals. I will quit my job today and start my own business” or “I’ve implemented what you said and fast forward 6 months my life and business are totally different”. I love to speak in front of audiences sharing personal development, success stories and business related subjects. I’ve presented my first workshop in 2008 … in English for 30 people and the it was followed by a speaking gig in Croatia in front of 150 executives and highly rated professionals.

Last week I had the pleasure to speak again in my country, Romania, as part of the Social Media Workshop panelists from the 15th edition of Business Days in Cluj Napoca. I really think that we need to be as responsible as possible when sharing any information from the stage because if the audience will resonate with us it’s likely to implement what we teach.

My choice is not to have a full time speaker career but to use speaking as a way to share my expertise to the world based on my practical experience to “train and elevate”. This way I will keep my practical relevance and have “skin in the game” with everything I teach.

Adrian Niculescu public speaking
Adrian Niculescu public speaking

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