7 Lessons from Building a $15-Million-a-Year Lifestyle Business with No Loans, VCs or Angel Money

Often times there is a misconception that you can’t develop an amazing business without VC’s, investors and stuff. Mindvalley proved that not only this can be done but their success can be emulated and … you have to screw it and just do it.

Vishen draws seven important lessons he learned in the past nine years of building Mindvalley from scratch.

Mindvalley vision for 2012



The takeaways fro this article are:
1. Your College Degree is Meaningless (and sometimes a liability)
2. Don’t Quit Your Day Job Too Soon
3. Business Plans are Mostly Bullshit
4. Control Your Equity
5. Forge Networks and Learn to Connect
6. No other Skill is as Important as Sales & Marketing
7. Don’t Build Crap for the Sake of Making a Buck

The entire article can be found here.


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