The Best Twitter Marketing Strategies for 2012 free Webinar on Sunday, 11th of December 3.00 o’clock Uk time

The Best Twitter Marketing Strategies for 2012 Free Online Webinar Sunday 11th of Dec, 3.00 PM Uk time

I am happy to announce that I will present a new webinar this Sunday about twitter marketing strategies.
During this 60 minutes webinar you will get a glimpse of what are the advantages of using Twitter for your business and personal branding and which are the trends to look at in 2012.

Twitter had a tremendous growth over the last two years and there are literally 300,000 users joining the network every single day.

If you are new to Twitter marketing and if you are involved in Twitter communication but there are things you don’t know or your results don’t seem to rise at your expectations, then this webinar is for you.

We will show how to start or how to restart if you did the things the wrong way. Also how to use free tools to enhance your Twitter efforts and also how to automate some processes to get the maximum results!

Before the webinar you are welcome to access these resources: (our social media strategy agency’s website), (our social media strategy blog) and (the website of Tweet Attacks, the most advanced twitter marketing tool available in the market).

Please reserve your spot here. There are only 100 available.
For any question, please send an e-mail to our JV partner, Mr Gabriel Urse at

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