How can Mapquest Help Your Business?

If you run a local business you want to be found easier by your potential customers. Map Quest is a service of AOL which focuses on local searches and it launched this year a new geosearch engine.

This new engine is very powerful and can be a great resource for any business acting on a local level. For example, if a user obtains a map of a hotel where will spend some time in the future will also look for entertainment in the area – restaurants, pubs, clubs.

To understand the importance of using such a tool for driving targeted traffic, it is used by 40 million unique monthly visitors this comparing with Bing which has 50 million users in the same timetable.

The new search engine provides to the users details like: business name, phone, url, working hours, user reviews, ratings and pictures.

Also companies may submit detail changes like the phone number, e-mail address, new addresses (of course!), url and contact person information.

As a market trend, all the major search engines started to pay a special attention to the local searches because this is considered and extremely lucrative business line both by the search engines and advertisers.

Of course, having in mind the development of the internet where the online shopping rules you may consider that local search can be obsolete. But you are wrong. Think how important is to find the nearest dentist or notary for example!

This is not seen like a primary resource to drive traffic to a website but also can be taken in consideration as an additional and valuable resource. This is seen this way because usually the searches are made by people needing to solve a problem or to buy an item very fast.

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