10 reasons to be on Twitter

If you have something to say then go to Twitter.com and open an account. If you already have a twitter account and you are not sure what to do with it consider that this account can be more valuable than you can think of. Twitter is about leadership, innovation and status, all of them in posts which are no longer than 140 characters. Every Twitter account can include your profile with picture and link to your main website and is an excellent tool for personal branding.

1. Through Twitter, you can communicate “Generation Y style” no matter what age you are

If for baby boomers “cool” meant “cold”, for the “Y generation, “cool” means “hot” and this is only the tip of the iceberg. So if you want to know how thinks the new generation watch MTV and stay on Twitter.

2. Promote your business through Twitter’s lists

Through the lists gadget, your tweets will appear all over the internet, on other sites and blogs which are related with the domain you are active in.

3. Tweet today and conquer the web tomorrow

What you tweet now will be included in its content by Facebook and other social networks. The tweets will be shared by people, have links pointed to from websites and blogs and will reach a far more wide audience that your usual followers.

4. Relationships

The core principles of Twitter are: to listen, to learn, to care and to serve. By listening to the community you will learn the new trends, you will show that you care because you have something to say and you will serve as contribute to the community.

5. Targeted traffic

Twitter can bring free, targeted traffic to your websites, blogs and affiliate offers. One of the most innovative way of bringing traffic is through retweets. You tweet something and other people retweet your content. This will help you becoming faster an expert in what you want to promote.

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