La La song, the coolest tune of the Summer 2009!!!

Hmmm, I really, really like this song!!! I spent half of the last Sunday shopping in Amsterdam and practically this song could be heard in every corner – in music shops, fashion stores, xxx shops, gift shops, restaurants, even in some pubs from The Red Light District.  I bought gifts for my family and treated myself with Hed Kandi and Defected compilations which were not already in my collection. The shopping atmosphere was like before Christmas! The main shops were opened between 12.00 and 18.00 as usual so the shopping time is condensed … so many shops to see in only few hours. I also took in the consideration the offer – “buy 50 genuine dutch mixed tulip bulbs for 10 eur”. My garden will enjoy them!

Enjoy this great tune:

… and some remixes:

Sugarhill Gang are the parents of hip-hop they signing Rapper’s Delight, this being considered the first official rap song. It is something incredible about this song which makes it something to listen to even now, after 20 years:

Watch this tune interpreted by Grand Master Flash another legend of hip-hop

and The Message, a true legend hip-hop tune still good to be listened loud when driving to the seaside!


I will end my post with a party tune from my fellow Romanians: Geo Da Silva – I’ll Do You Like A Truck

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