Victims of crisis – the end of Xing Interactive?

Dear readers and business partners,

we are not comfortable publishing this but, unfortunately, the crisis makes new victims in the markets surrounding us.

We are facing a tremendous amounts of spams, threats, obscene words and stupid invented accusations from Mr. Alex de Vries, a small business man in IT/software working under the commercial name of Xing Interactive. We tried to introduce their products (pc games) in the Romanian market some time ago but unfortunately our end customers rejected them despite of our marketing efforts.

We don’t have the habit of speaking or writing bad things about the people or companies we come in contact with, because we have issues more important to accomplish but we kindly advise to take care and not to be polluted by this man’s bogus stories.

Please have in mind that these times are tough and if they are combined day by day stress, some sort of mental illness and lots of frustrations the result is a brain-molotov-cocktail.
This trial we had was happened back in 2006 – 2007, it was a spot cooperation with finished products and was a good oportunity for us to see what not to sell in an emerging market like ours.
I trust that this example will help all of us to have much more care of ourselves to be able not just to survive the crisis but to be more prosper, healthy and happiness.

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