Progressive Learning Program/ 27 Jan 2009/ Real Estate Marketing in Crisis Periods

I kindly invite you to attend this two sessions seminar, the first of them being held on 27th of January, 2009 at Radisson SAS Hotel Bucharest. 

Real Estate Marketing in Crisis Periods


The workshop is entitled for marketing and sales staff and is focused on  industrial, office and residential;


Part 1 – To make a difference in a crowded Real Estate Market



In a period like this it is mandatory to invest in marketing to place the offers in front of potential customers and is very important to maximize the effect with the same or less budget than before – techniques, actions to be done, ways to measure the impact;


In a crisis situation, the communication of positive things about the company’s activity is very important. Why to do this and how?


Real estate fairs in Romania – analysis from the crisis point of view; key points for smarter attending both as visitor and exhibitor;


How to keep the regular clients warm and to attract new customers;


Internal communication – to grow the synergy between sales and marketing department;


Marketing for new projects on behalf of the developers – which are the main activities to be done with a slashed budget and how to maximize;


Part 2 – The newest trends which will influence real estate market during the crisis




The growing importance of Green projects – how to market them and why


Everybody goes online – techniques and activities to be implemented for a better and smarter online presence;


Why is very important to appear in the news portals and how to to this cost-effective?


The power of blogging and how this works in real estate;


Case study – TBA;


 Mistakes done in emerging periods which have to be avoided in crisis periods;


Why and how the crisis can work for us?

For registration and other details, please contact Mrs. Adela Balan at Tel: +40 372 123 408, or e-mail:


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