The Brooklands Group, organisers of the A Place in the Sun Live (APITSL) exhibitions, has announced that its Earls Court show, due to be held 3 – 5 October 2008, will now be run alongside the Ideal Home Show in April of next year.

In a letter to existing and potential exhibitors, Brooklands Group CEO Darren Styles explained that the APITSL Earls Court will now be held between 3 – 5 April 2009 to coincide with the Ideal Home Show, the UK’s second largest consumer exhibition, which runs from 20 March – 13 April 2009.

Styles said that “the opportunity to co-locate with the Ideal Home Show was simply too good for us and the overseas property industry to turn down” as the show draws an attendance of over 300,000 visitors, averaging 12,000 per day. APITSL Earls Court will run as a show in its own right, but Brooklands has agreed contra deals with the Ideal Home Show to provide ticket transfers and other marketing and sales opportunities.

Styles also confirmed that the new-launch Manchester exhibition will not run in 2009. “Because we are rightly proud of the reputation for delivery that APITSL has established since launch in 2005, in the current market a two-show calendar (rather than a four-show calendar) is more in step with the demands of our exhibitors and clients,” explained Styles. “Less is sometimes more, and we would rather have two large and successful shows of the type our clients expect than four smaller ones.”

Source: OPP

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