3 Things Social Media Managers Can Learn From Top Management

As learning is an ongoing process, first, we see a lot of articles about what managers can learn from social media. As social media is rather a new science, management is a much older one. Vice-versa, what social media managers can learn from top management? Of course, most of the basic management principles apply to social media because of their similarity. Actually, they are both centered towards the actions of people you can’t quite control but are able to influence.


1. It is not about what you can do but instead about what you can inspire others to do. Management success is not measured on individual results but instead on the results of the people you influence. Still most companies have their social media managed solely by fairly low-level employees who have only recently completed their studies. While studying people are mostly measured on individual results (exams, SAT scores…) and competing with each other instead of collaborating with them. In social media results are measured based on the actions of others (such as sharing, liking or commenting), which requires influence and the ability to motivate others that many social media managers still lack. Continue reading “3 Things Social Media Managers Can Learn From Top Management”