The Town Of Everlasting Peace

“Greetings from Taiping,” writes Intrepid Correspondent Vicki Terhorst this morning. “This place is an historical and hidden gem in Malaysia. So few Westerners visit the ‘town of everlasting peace’ that Paul and I attract attention wherever we go. Young folks yell ‘Welcome to Malaysia’ from car windows, school bus windows, and motorcycles. Older folks come up to us when we are eating or out walking, to greet us and to ask where we are from. “The other day I walked by a huge convent school that teaches in English, and their motto caught my attention: Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in … Continue reading The Town Of Everlasting Peace

It’s Surprisingly Easy To Make This Tropical Paradise Your Home

“Malaysia is a tropical paradise,” writes Correspondent Wendy Justice. “Beautiful islands and beaches, cool mountain retreats, great food, a diverse and multi-ethnic culture, excellent shopping, and a low cost of living…Malaysia has it all. “Plus, the infrastructure and health care are modern and efficient. English is widely spoken. Entertainment ranges from street celebrations to casino gambling, from amusement parks to mountain climbing, from jungle trekking to championship level golf, and from Formula 1 racing to world music festivals and philharmonic orchestra productions. World-renowned diving and snorkeling destinations are never more than a few hours away. “And here’s the cherry on … Continue reading It’s Surprisingly Easy To Make This Tropical Paradise Your Home