The World’s Rudest Nations For Tourists

Denis Foynes- Skyscanner has released the results on an intensive survey designed to locate the countries where the people are the rudest towards tourists. Skyscanner claims to be Europe’s leading travel search site, operating in over 25 languages with over 25 million visits and over 11 million unique visitors per month. It has offices in Scotland and Singapore. Some of the seeming rudeness may be attributable to cultural differences rather than anything deliberate. For example, says Tatiana Danilova, Skyscanner’s Russian Market Manager, “the Russian language is not as polite as English, so when Russians translate directly from Russian to English, … Continue reading The World’s Rudest Nations For Tourists

Why Did I Do This In The First Place?

When my boss at the time came to me to explain that the U.S. publishing company where I’d been working for 13 years was interested in setting up a new base in Ireland and to ask if I’d be interested in making the move to open that office for him, I jumped at the chance. I was 34 years old, ready for a change, and eager for an adventure. I’d been covering this live, retire, and invest overseas beat for a long time, but I realized that that was not the same as living it. This was my chance to … Continue reading Why Did I Do This In The First Place?

Your Better Half Won’t Budge?

Here’s the second most common reason I’ve heard over the past two-and-a-half decades from people who want to make a move overseas…but who just can’t bring themselves to take the leap: Reason #2 Not To Retire Overseas: Your significant other wants to stay put. As I explained yesterday, having kids at home is no reason not to “retire” overseas. Bring them with you. But a spouse who’s not in favor of the idea? That’s tougher. You can’t very well pack your better half’s suitcase for him (or her), then take him by the hand and lead him out the door … Continue reading Your Better Half Won’t Budge?