Finding Opportunities in Any Economy by Jack Canfield

Your own beliefs and behaviors are great predictors of your success than any fluctuation in the marketplace. Even when the newspapers splash the word recession across the front page, you can write your own success story.

Master the Art of “Inverse Paranoia”

Start by becoming an “Inverse Paranoid”. What I mean by this is, believe that every event in your life is the seed for your greater good; something meant to enrich you, empower you or advance your cause.

Imagine how much easier it would be to succeed in life if you were constantly expecting the world to support you and bring you opportunity.

You can easily verify this belief for yourself. Just think about the last time that a terrible event turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

A big blessing for me came during the 1970’s when I lost my job. I was working at the Job Corps Center in Clinton, Iowa, pioneering new ways to teach underachieving students. One day the word came down that the center was being relocated – and I was being laid off.

While attending a workshop at the W. Clement & Jesse V. Stone Foundation in Chicago, I shared my predicament with the presenter. He happened to be vice president of the foundation, and he immediately offered me a job working with inner-city black and Latino kids.

I accepted the offer, and what I got in return was a bigger salary, an unlimited budget, and a laboratory for learning the success principles that transformed my life and launched a new career path.

Ask Yourself: What Opportunity Exists Here?

Take the fast track to inspiration by constantly asking yourself: What’s the opportunity here? Make this a habit, and you’ll stay calm and centered during any event that seems like a setback.

The beauty of this question is that it triggers your mind to respond with positive suggestions. Compare these to the useless information you get by asking yourself the questions such as: Why did this happen to me? Or, Who’s to blame for this mess?

If you get passed over for a promotion or your retirement account takes a hit in the stock market, remember to ask: What’s the opportunity here? – or one of its inspiring variations:

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Staying Focused in the Face of Negativity by Jack Canfield

The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on is what you will attract into your life. This is why it’s essential to stay focused on your goals.

Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to maintain focus in today’s world, where we’re bombarded by negative messages from the media, co-workers, friends, relatives and even clients.

The good news is that you can take action to shield yourself from motivation-sapping, fear-instilling negativity. This article shares 5 easy ways to get started.

Tip #1: Accept 100% Responsibility

The most critical principle to master if you want to create greater success is to accept 100 percent responsibility for your life – including the type and amount of negativity to which you allow yourself to be exposed.

Your job is to take care of yourself. This includes creating environments that are conducive to success. Take note of how negativity manifests in your life, and then consider ways that you can reduce your exposure.

For instance, do you watch or read the news every day? Try abstaining, and trust that if anything major happens, such as a natural disaster, someone will tell you. At that point, you can choose to read an article or two to bring yourself up to date.

Do you have well-meaning relatives who urge you not to follow your dreams because they fear the consequences of the risks you’ll take to achieve your goals? You may want to limit the time you spend with these individuals.

Alternatively, recognize their advice for what it is: an expression of their love and concern for you. The simple truth is that many people are blind to their limiting beliefs and how it colors their view of the world. Simply thank these well-meaning individuals for caring enough about you to share their thoughts, then turn your attention back to your goals.

 Tip #2: Release Negative Feelings

To attract what you want in life, you must live in a state of love, joy and gratitude. Negative environments stir up feelings of fear, anxiety and doubt, which must be released so that you can return to a higher state of feeling and vibration.
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7 Ways to Boost Your Business Just by Asking – from Jack Canfield

One of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your business is revealed in an ancient proverb: Ask and you shall receive. You’ve probably heard this phrase countless times in your lifetime, but how many times have you put this fundamental truth into practice recently? When was the last time you asked for a written endorsement from a client or colleague? How about feedback from your customers? Or the opportunity to renegotiate something that just doesn’t work for you?

Too often, business professionals—especially those in sales and marketing positions—falter because they simply stop practicing the art of asking. But if you were to ask successful top executives how they got to where they are, most would admit they “asked to get to the top.” They knew when and how to ask the right questions so they could gather the right information, build their reputation, seek useful referrals, generate new business, and expand their audience or customer base.

The simple act of asking is critical to success. Yet many people don’t do it because for some reason, people falsely believe that asking implies weakness and sets one up for potential rejection.
Here are seven asking strategies you can implement in your business (and in life) to boost your results:

1. Ask for Information. You can never have too much information. In fact, the higher up you go, the more you need to know. For example, to win potential new clients, you first need to understand their current challenges, what they want to accomplish and how they plan to do it. Only then can you proceed to demonstrate the advantages of your unique product or service.

Ask questions starting with the words who, why, what, where, when and how to obtain the information you need. Only when you truly understand and appreciate a prospect’s needs can you offer a solution.

2. Ask for Business. It’s shocking, but true: more than 60 percent of the time salespeople never ask for the order after giving a complete presentation about the benefits of their product or service. If you fall into this trap, beware: it’s a habit that could put you out of business quickly. Always ask a closing question to secure the business. Don’t waffle or talk around it—or worse, wait for your prospect to ask you. There are numerous ways to ask, “Would you like to give it a try?” Find the phrasing that feels most comfortable to you and ask.
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The Most Important Principle to Great Leadership from Jack Canfield

In my book, The Success Principles, I teach 64 lessons that help people achieve what they want out
of life. From taking nothing less than 100 percent responsibility for your life to empowering others,
these are the fundamentals to success—and to great leadership. When people ask me for the single most important principle, I share a simple formula. For years I’ve been teaching top leaders and thinkers in our world this formula that helps guide their decision-making and pathway to success. I don’t know any successful leader who doesn’t keep this on the mind daily:

E + R = O
(Events + Responses = Outcome)

The basic idea is that every outcome you experience in life (whether it’s success or failure, wealth or poverty, wellness or illness, intimacy or estrangement, joy or frustration) is the result of how you have responded to an earlier event (or events) in your life. Great leaders don’t just know this instinctively, but they make it a habit to respond in ways that generate the outcomes they want, even during extremely tough experiences or events seemingly beyond their control.
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Success Principle #35 from Jack Canfield

Success Principle #35 says “99% is a bitch; 100% is a breeze.” When you make a 100% commitment to something, you eliminate exceptions. You no longer have to waste time or energy debating whether you are going to do something. It’s already been decided. If you commit to reading an hour every day, no matter what, you read an hour a day. You don’t debate whether you’ll keep that commitment. If you vow to not work past 6 p.m., you don’t make exceptions. You’re 100 percent committed, so it’s not even a question that you’ll be out the door at … Continue reading Success Principle #35 from Jack Canfield