How effective is Linkedin for Internet Marketing?

Linkedin is by far the 1st social media website to focus on in 2015. I would say that the 2nd place should be shared between Instagram and Facebook and the 3rd place is owned by Youtube.  Many of the readers of my blog are internet marketers, digital products sellers, affiliates, trainers, coaches, mentors and business owners. I will publish in the next days many materials about doing social media marketing the right way and started with Linkedin.

Internet Marketers are business owners who sell their products and services online from websites. Working online brings much advantage since he can reach people all over the world and entice them to buy their products. However, any business is always on the lookout for even more ways to promote their company, get more customers and make more profits, and LinkedIn can do that for Internet Marketers.
All of the Fortune 500 businesses have formed accounts on LinkedIn, which shows you that this platform is taken seriously in the business world. Nearly every second another business is forming an account on LinkedIn as well and as of this year it has more than 350 million users, many of which are Internet Marketers with the same hopes to make profits and grow their business as any other company.

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No office, no boss, no boundaries — rise of the nomadic rich

I just found this article on Cnn Travel about the new breed of cash-rich, entrepreneurial mavericks who are taking the dream and traveling with it. The author of the article says that they also pay a price – loneliness and strange relationships. I don’t agree with this as most of the highly successful internet marketers from my circle have superb families or gorgeous girlfriends, spend a lot of time with them and their friends and enjoy most their lives. It’s a great read. Continue reading No office, no boss, no boundaries — rise of the nomadic rich