20 Golden Keys to Going Global

Recently I’ve decided to narrow the focus of my blog towards Entrepreneurship and to strive to add as much value possible to the ones aiming to have their own business or taking the existing one to the next level. One of the key issues for the local business these days is how to add new strings of income or even starting new ventures by exporting and/or importing.
Of course, imports and exports has to start with the basics and it is mandatory to have and master the newest information to get started properly.

Of course, there are hundreds and thousands of resources available online and also I recommend some academic stuff like a master or even an MBA but these are not mandatory. What is important is to gather the correct knowledge, apply and update it. I’ve stumbled two weeks ago upon a new guide called “20 Golden Keys to Going Global”which is a practical guide entitled for every entrepreneur who wants to start an import export business and business owners who want to expand into new markets.
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