How to Remove Barriers To The Sale

When you are selling a service, the buyer doesn’t really know whether the service will work for them until AFTER they have bought. This can stall many sales. This article shows an innovative way of removing this barrier to the sale.

When a client is thinking about hiring you, two major questions in their mind are: ‘Can this person deliver what they say they can deliver?’ and ‘Will their approach work in our particular business?’ The trouble is no client can really answer these questions until after they have hired you. And that’s the catch 22. This is a major stumbling block which can delay if not totally grind the sales process to a halt.

You can probably think of situations with your own prospects where this is the case. It’s a frustrating stalemate.

Yet for professional service providers, there is a way out of this frustrating conundrum. Promoting your own training courses or seminars can help you avoid this stumbling block because it gives your prospective clients a chance to sample you at low cost and risk for both parties.
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