10 Simple Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

I say over and over again that LinkedIn has the biggest income per user from all social networking sites. You should include Linkedin in your social media framework because here you can find the most important entrepreneurs, managers and professionals. LinkedIn is a network that you should visit daily for professional development — whatever your employment status may be.

Is your LinkedIn profile ready to be seen by others? Here are ten suggestions to give you instant LinkedIn cred.

linkedin-logo (3)

1. Upload a decent photo

Your LinkedIn profile photo sets the tone for everything else a viewer will experience on your page — just like match.com or Instagram. Except LinkedIn isn’t match.com or Instagram. It’s the world’s largest professional network. So that means:
•No blurry photos
•No photos of you cropped out of a group shot
•No photos of you at a ball park (unless you’re gunning to work for one)
•No avatars
•And for goodness sake, no selfies! (That’s mobile camera speak for self-portraits.)

If you don’t have money for a professional photographer, get a family member, roommate, or neighbor to take your photo against a solid colored wall. Try a few standing, then some sitting down. Get a few with a formal shirt, a few with a “business casual” top.

Or consider the low-cost approach I took: bartering with a photographer for your services or product. This was by far the best deal I made in my first year of business! Continue reading “10 Simple Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile”