Create a Webinar and Grow Rich Episode II

How to generate registrations and the pre-webinar phase

In today’s episode I will address two very important issues: how to generate registrations for your webinar and how to start bulding a relationship with them to build your brand, authority and have as many of them participating to your live webinar.

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Let me tell you from the start about a certain distinction to have: the registrations are your leads and most webinar platforms have ways to either export the e-mail addresses of your registrations or to add them automatically to an autoresponder platform so they become part of your email list. The actual tools to use is a separate chapter but don’t worry about that for the moment. So, I repeat, the registrations are your leads, you should add them to your list and they become part of your marketing tribe. So, how to generate the registrations? Continue reading “Create a Webinar and Grow Rich Episode II”

How I plan to add more webinars in 2015?

I did a lot of webinars until now … you know, online training sessions where the presenter can be anywhere in the world and so the attendants. In 2015 I will do more and I want to perform this better. As said in my profile I am a constant rookie always trying to learn something new and webinars is one of the skills I have to polish. Continue reading How I plan to add more webinars in 2015?