Up or out!

It took me two days to find a t-shirt with a meaningful message so I can wear it during one of the latest conferences I had the opportunity to speak at. Usually, I buy 80% of my clothes from New Yorker, the rest is split between Primark and other brands. New Yorker speaks my language, I can choose what I want in minutes, I feel great wearing their stuff. Maybe I will pitch them one day to become one of their influencers. I use to look at Sauvage commercials in shops and think that one day I will be able to be part of commercials like Johnny Deep is doing. I love the shopping experience at Primark, especially when I am in Uk on Oxford Street.

Usually, I buy stuff for my wife and three daughters for the same reason, it speaks my language when shopping for my girls, and other family dresses, so occasionally I purchase also stuff for myself. One month ago I took the weird decision to start a newsletter on Linkedin, and also a more in-depth version on Substack (feel free to subscribe on both) called Inside My Head: The New Entrepreneurship in The Digital assets Era.

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Agora’s Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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The beauty of the things we take from granted like … seeing the sun in the morning

Today I had one of those mornings: woke up at 5AM, went on the beach at 5.15, started my meditation and healthy breathing routine immediatly, then the exercises for the back muscles, jogging and swimming, everything until 7 AM. In the process, I’ve witnessed the beauty of the sun rising, saw few hundreds of crabs being nurtured by the sun and frightened by me approaching, was saluted by many small fishes which came veeery close to me and felt very alive.

While being laid down on the sand I’ve reconnected with Mother Earth and was grateful to live another day.


I felt guilty many times over of not even be present to the real beauty of the world around being caught in various negative patterns, worries about survival, business development, challenge overcoming and so on. Of course, this is a general problem to many people who want more for them and others but … simply I can’t take this as an excuse. Even when the road to success and fulfillment is paved with a lot of obstacles the beauty is in enjoying the process. Yes, you will say that it is easy to say than done and I agree with you. Continue reading “The beauty of the things we take from granted like … seeing the sun in the morning”

Some thoughts about entrepreneurship

According to Wikipedia “Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur, which can be defined as one who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods. So, being for real an entrepreneur is something different than just building a company and own it. These are some ideas from Donald Trump about entrepreneurship: More about entrepreneurship from wikipedia here. Continue reading Some thoughts about entrepreneurship