Security Check up: Is Your Crypto Safe?Tips For Handling Security With Cryptocurrency

It is no secret that we take security very seriously here at CloudCoin. If you are new to cryptocurrency or feeling particularly uncertain about your trading habits, here are some tips for protecting yourself while trading online. Article published courtesy of, and

Always move your crypto from devices that need servicing

Does it seem like the battery on your computer isn’t lasting as long as you like? Has your PC seemed a little warmer than usual? Consider moving your crypto from devices that may have trouble on the way. You don’t need the most powerful computer to trade. You need a computer that functions properly. Consider the implications of getting your computer serviced with someone who will have full access to your files.

Never auto-generate or save crypto-related passwords

What if that PC gets the “blue screen of death”? What if your child decides today is the day to test the interaction between magnets and motherboards? Create strong passwords, but make sure you write them down! Although auto generating strong passwords through Google or Firefox is usually a reliable strategy for most daily online activity, it just doesn’t cut it if you are taking cryptocurrency seriously. Experts encourage using a strong password; but saving these passwords to your PC is a huge risk. 

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