50 Affirmations to Create Your Life in 2012

Somewhere before Christmas I encountered an article stating that we as humans tend not to appreciate the fabulous gifts we have and which came free and by default in our life – like our body, our mind and our health. It was a simple idea but it really makes sense. We tend to appreciate more our belongings which took different levels of efforts to be acquired than … for example our mind. I can say this even from my experience because nobody in school told me that the mind is man’s most powerful asset. And if it is an asset we need to invest in it. Simple!!! You know, the formal education is good but unfortunately after a certain point you need totally different resources to grow.

You can find countless of resources over the internet about personal development and how to feed your mind and now as a gift for the beginning of the fabulous 2012 I will publish here 50 Affirmations to Create Your Life in 2012

They are arranged in 5 categories:

These 50 affirmations are designed with a key focus on achievement, confidence and to support you in achieving your goals. The best results will be achieved when you will use these affirmations consistently and persistently. You don’t need to use them all. Use the most appropriate for you or adapt them to match your goals. Recite your chosen affirmations every day, at least 4 or 5 times per day. What is very important is to associate powerful and positive feelings with all affirmations.

I make money easily and effortessly
I am a magnet to money
My wealth grows daily
I am a strategic and savvy investor
I am building my financial empire daily
Everyday and in every way I am expanding and growing my wealth
My wisom is my wealth
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