Create a Webinar and Grow Rich Episode II

How to generate registrations and the pre-webinar phase

In today’s episode I will address two very important issues: how to generate registrations for your webinar and how to start bulding a relationship with them to build your brand, authority and have as many of them participating to your live webinar.

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Let me tell you from the start about a certain distinction to have: the registrations are your leads and most webinar platforms have ways to either export the e-mail addresses of your registrations or to add them automatically to an autoresponder platform so they become part of your email list. The actual tools to use is a separate chapter but don’t worry about that for the moment. So, I repeat, the registrations are your leads, you should add them to your list and they become part of your marketing tribe. So, how to generate the registrations? Continue reading “Create a Webinar and Grow Rich Episode II”


Create a Webinar and Grow Rich Episode I

I brainstormed with myself during one night where I barely kept sleeping because I had this question in my head:”What kind of content to share to bring as much value possible?” and towards the morning a thought popped up in my head: about creating, presenting and promoting webinars.

And the main reason for that besides the actual thought is that by the year 2030 at least 50% of the jobs existing today will simply dissapear and more and more people will have to change career paths in the next years, will start home businesses, online businesses or simply will search for ways to suplement their income by pursuing certain opportunities. There are voices saying that the era of webinars has ended. And this statement is far, far from the truth. The reality is that many of us learn now through images, movies and sounds rather than using books and if you look at how are equipped the TV’s on sale these days you will understand that the future of Television is connected with the internet.

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On top of that, since August 2009 when I started to study what we like to call “internet marketing” attended hundreds of webinars first as a student and next as a presenter, joint venture partner, brokered webinar deals and attended the sessions to see that everything was ok and consulted withy clients to get their webinars up. All those combined refined in models, strategies and processes which make from creating a webinar an element of science and also a vehicle for building wealth in a meaningful way. Continue reading “Create a Webinar and Grow Rich Episode I”

A-B-U-N-D-A-N-C-E Remove the Blocks to Your Abundance with This Complimentary Invitation

It’s the beginning of a new year so many of us are working on the New Year Resolutions. In the last 10 years I’ve learned amazing things related to what is called “personal development” and I am happy to share them during my talks, training and coaching sessions. One of the most common reasons why New Year Resolutions simply don’t work is that there’s a big gap between what we desire at the conscious level and how we are programmed at the subconscious level. Many of us have various levels of blocks which keep us at a distance from the life we truly want to live. Most of the block are at the subconscious level so we don’t even know that we have them. Fortunately there are people and some of them are the best in the world at … removing them. Here’s a nice Infographic for my online family about removing abundance blocks.

Unlimited Abundance Clearing Session Infographic
Unlimited Abundance Clearing Session Infographic
Continue reading “A-B-U-N-D-A-N-C-E Remove the Blocks to Your Abundance with This Complimentary Invitation”