Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich’s 13 Principles of Success

I came across Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich in 2010 and I’ve read it entirely during four flights – Bucharest – London – Isle of Man and return. At that time I didn’t understand much from it – probably my mind wasn’t really prepared to digest that kind of information. But I came back to the book more than once since then and slowly, slowly I started to actually process the information. Based on that experience I am able to help my coaching clients to have a simple method of digesting rapidly this type of information despite the obvious resistance from the mind. But this is not the subject of this article. To cut the story short, Napoleaon Hill worked for 25 years to create this amazing book which can be found for free all over the internet and collected here the success principles he could find after studying and interviewing where this was possible the most successful 500 Americans of all times. You can download the ebook here (3rd party website, no optin is required).

What I can say is that those principles are like The Law of Gravity – they work no matter if you believe in them or not. So almost everytime when I am down especially from the professional point of view I come back to these principles seeking the missing link – what I did wrong. How you can benefit from these principles? Well, you can use them as a Map in the Gps of your life and guide your thoughts, visions and actions using them.

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Why 2015 is the year of video marketing and how your business can benefit from this trend?

I had the pleasure to present a lot of social media panels and trainings and in the last months I start most of them asking the audience: “Who is a social media marketer?”. Usually I see only few hands up. After that I say: “Hm, but … who has a Facebook and a Linkedin account?” Most hands are up and about 30 to 50% of the audience starts to laugh.

Really, the moment you start a social media account for yourself or a business you become a social media marketer. In 2015 I’ve launched my own 3 months Social Media Online accelerator and as a thank you for reading this message I want to give you for free one account. Please see the details here: (the link is available only for a limited time, otherwise the price is $697).

It was said that 2014 was the year of Video Marketing because Video became a huge part of the way we market ourselves as professionals and our businesses.

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In 2014 I witnessed for the first time the launch of few stellar products offering for pennies on the dollars the possibility to create videos for businesses.

These were: Videomaker FX, Explaindio and Easy Sketch Pro. Amazing software pieces doing for few dollars and some work what small studios do for hundreds of dollars. Amazing value I can say!

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The real reason we fail with the Law of Attraction

One of my habits – some people like it some don’t is to include at the beginning of every training some personal development info tailored to the audience. I am not a specialist in Law of Attraction but I am asked in many situations about it. I am a user of LOA as everybody else just that I am aware of the way it really works and how can we use it to work for us and not against us.

Bob Proctor interview
Bob Proctor interview

As I am connected with most (good) personal development coaches, trainers and teachers I’ve found yesterday an interview with Bob Proctor made by Natalie Ledwell. She is the founder of Mind Movies, best-selling author and host of the online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

She just released an explosive new video with an incredible interview with none other than one of the masters of success himself, Bob Proctor

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Special surprise for Christie Marie’s Unlimited Abundance

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This weekend I encountered something a little strange for me: I’ve promoted some free development gifts to my audience to help my peeps start 2015 with a bang and actually the servers “melted” due to high demand. I offered 7 wealth building ebooks and the replay to the Aundance Blocks Clearing session presented in January to +80,000 live online attendants.

As said before in life, business, internet marketing and social media marketing 80% is mindset and 20% are mechanics. So being the beginning of the new year I thought that giving away this information will help. I was pleased by the interest but worked almost all weekend to build a new download page on a new server. I actually had a team which can handle everything so …
call it my own ambition to do it by myself. So here’s the download page – everything is 100% free just please use the info.

Remember: “Information is just potential power. It becomes power when actually it is applied”.

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A-B-U-N-D-A-N-C-E Remove the Blocks to Your Abundance with This Complimentary Invitation

It’s the beginning of a new year so many of us are working on the New Year Resolutions. In the last 10 years I’ve learned amazing things related to what is called “personal development” and I am happy to share them during my talks, training and coaching sessions. One of the most common reasons why New Year Resolutions simply don’t work is that there’s a big gap between what we desire at the conscious level and how we are programmed at the subconscious level. Many of us have various levels of blocks which keep us at a distance from the life we truly want to live. Most of the block are at the subconscious level so we don’t even know that we have them. Fortunately there are people and some of them are the best in the world at … removing them. Here’s a nice Infographic for my online family about removing abundance blocks.

Unlimited Abundance Clearing Session Infographic
Unlimited Abundance Clearing Session Infographic
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