Entrepreneur Develops Food-Based Neighborhood

Cedric Naudon is a wealthy French entrepreneur with a penchant for fine food. Nothing notable there— French foodies are a dime a dozen. But unlike most those other foodies, Naudon owns half of a neighborhood in Paris, and his plans for the area would make anyone’s mouth water.

Naudon’s plan for the neighborhood, as featured in The New York Times, is to turn the area into an epicurean village called La Jeune Rue (Young Street).

Developed with the help of an international team of designers, the plans include a butchery, a cheesemonger, an organic bakery, an oyster bar, a fishmonger, ethnic restaurants, and a clique of neighborhood mainstays. The butchery will include a library to allow patrons to read all about the cuts on offer. Continue reading “Entrepreneur Develops Food-Based Neighborhood”


Top 11 Beaches in America (That have the most attractive people!)

The website epicbeachlife.com just published a list with the top 11 beaches in America. They say that there you can meet the most attractive people. Let’s put them in my travel list. With 88,633 miles of coastline, the United States is home to plenty of spots to enjoy the waves and admire the scenery. For the sexiest beaches with the most attractive people, look no further than these:

1. South Beach, Florida

Florida is full of sexy beach-goers, but this is where most of them flock. Topless tanning is “illegal”, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen…

2. Ka’anapali, Hawaii

This Maui beach is notable for its bronzed beachgoers strolling in and out of gentle waves. Hula dancers also dance sensually in the evening amid fiery torches.

3. Hanalei Bay, Hawaii Continue reading “Top 11 Beaches in America (That have the most attractive people!)”

Is life a sprint or more like a marathon?

With the ups and downs which are regular to a life outside of the comfort zone I wonder sometimes if life is really a sprint or more like a marathon. If we decide to live longer then it is definitely a marathon and you know what, without proper training we can collapse during the first 5 km. And this is a fact.

The best way to train for a marathon is an almost daily practice, to run, jog, sprint in different sequences at least 6 days a week. Of course, if you train for full 6 months you can allow yopurself not to train for few days from time to time and it will not matter. It is same with food. If you eat healthy most of the year you can eat a a certainb moment the most poisonous fast food and the body will not have any problem. Why? Because the daily practice or habits if you can call them this way condition youself, your body, emotions, the processes inside of you to be in a certain way.

Paris Marathon 2014
Paris Marathon 2014
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London was crowned world’s most visited city in 2013

I’ve never been to London as a tourist. The first time I came here was at 18 years old being sponsored by my mother. Gosh, what experience, back then. London is an amazing city any way you’ll look at it and in 2013 was crowned world’s most visited city as I’ve found in a recent newspaper. London welcomed around 16 million visitors in 2013, surpassing Paris with 15,9 million visitors in 2012. More details in the attached photo. Continue reading London was crowned world’s most visited city in 2013