How to be an entrepreneur in the business of living

Today it’s 30th of August, officially the end of “summer” as most of us know it, the potential end of the summer holidays season and so on. This is it if you think in a reactive way. But, if you are proactive then today is a new day when you can make a dufference, you can improve something in your life with 1%, you can shift 0,5 mm in the direction of your dreams.

For is a special day because it has a new tagline which was refined in the last 5 years which were my rookie blogger years. And … the tagline or pitch if you want, label or else is … “Entrepreneur in the business of living”. Continue reading “How to be an entrepreneur in the business of living”


How To Make the Most of Webinars

In the last year I’ve presented dozens of webinars both in Romanian and English and I plan to increase what I’m doing in this area. The webinars were about #enterpreneurship, #startups and #onlinemarketing and especially #socialmediamarketing. Just recently, Harvard Business Review published an article about “Making the Most of Webinars” reconfirming how serious is this method of sharing knowledge worldwide.

“Everyone from for-profit companies like LinkedIn and Procter and Gamble to non-profits like the Red Cross and City Year to professional associations like the American Medical Association and the American Bar Association to publishers like HBR run webinars. These sessions are designed to do everything from teach particular skills or tools to discuss trends in different sectors. And they are aimed at all sorts of audiences, from clients to colleagues.” The article focuses on the fact that the webinars overall can be done much better as they are done today and I think that they question the added value many webinars have for the audience.

The whole article can be found here and the takeaways below:

#Professional associations and others promoting webinars should keep these rules of thumbs in mind when developing webinar content:

#Choose topics carefully. Consult members in the process of selecting topics. Many organizations have their communities vote on topics for possible webinars. In developing this list of possibilities, concentrate on subjects that can be taught through short presentations, not subjects that require long explanations or substantial exchange.

#Focus on training, not analysis. As evidenced by CCIP’s research, webinars seem to work less well when they deal with topics around which there is no consensus, or that require enormous customization to be relevant to all audience members. On the other hand, webinars can be valuable when they focus on training or diffusing objective information on a discrete topic of shared concern and consequence.

#Create opportunities for dialogue. Technology now allows for webinar viewers to submit questions in real time, and skilled moderators can integrate these questions or themes into the discussion. In addition, professional associations can organize smaller regional or interest-based discussion groups to continue discussion after the webinar presenters sign off.

#Allow participants to grow their networks. If presenters and participants circulate their contact information ahead of time or during the course of the webinar, everyone can get more out of the webinar. They can continue the discussion afterward, and presenters and participants can make connections that will be useful in the future, especially on topics that do not lend themselves to webinars.

#Provide incentives for participants to demonstrate their mastery. In cases in which a webinar counts toward professional development requirements, there may be some measure of mastery offered at the end — a short quiz, for example. But this system can be useful in other cases, too. If participants can accumulate points or professional development dollars or achieve recognition based on their performance, they will listen more closely. Continue reading “How To Make the Most of Webinars”

How to Get a Job At Google

I have to say that inspired by Robert Kiyosaki and due to my Gemini/ dual nature I followed both paths – traditional and non traditional learning and I have to say that as an entrepreneur things are really different from what I was tought that they could be. NY Times published recently an article regarding this. You can dind it here. This is the most important paragraph from the whole article: “Talent can come in so many different forms and be built in so many nontraditional ways today, hiring officers have to be alive to every one — besides brand-name … Continue reading How to Get a Job At Google

The Entrepreneurs Corner Paul Atherton interviewed by Patrick M Powers

Most of the times, during my daily office activity I either have as soundtrack my favourite music or interviews and other recordings helping me to stay focused and follow through. One of them, actually yesterday was an interview with Paul Atherton taken by Patrick M Powers, the organiser of Entrepreneurs In London networking event. This video is all about selling and how to do it effortlessly where others get stuck. Enjoy! Continue reading The Entrepreneurs Corner Paul Atherton interviewed by Patrick M Powers

The Sun sends to Earth in one hour the amount of energy which can fill the necessities of our society for a full year

This weekend I’ve started to read Richard Branson’s Like a Virgin and as I reached the chapter about the green energies my eyes were caught by a weird idea concluded from the research made by one of the entities within Virgin group: The Sun sends to Earth in as little as one hour the amount of energy we all humans consume in one year. This idea proved one again the huge business potential which is hidden in the industry of renewable energies. Of course, some may say that there are still territories where the electricity doesn’t exist but this is … Continue reading The Sun sends to Earth in one hour the amount of energy which can fill the necessities of our society for a full year