Book me!

Thank you for accessing this page. Me and my team are open for new businesses in the industries we are active for new ventures, consultancy, outsourcing, deals and partnerships. We are an international team with internet based communications and are used to handle various projects  through project management tools and procedures.


I am also available for:

1. Speaking at Conferences and Events about issues related with Crypto and Digital Currencies, Technologies like Blockchain and Raida, Real Estate, Social Media, Online and Offline PR and Communication, Blogging and Entertainment;

2. Presenting Training and Coaching sessions in the matters above at open level or personalised for certain issues;

3. Writing articles, reviews, reports, website and blog content, consultancy for online ventures;

4. I am involved in the DJ-ing project The Globtrotters. It is something different than “suit and tie” required by most of the other activities but I call this “the cherish from the cake” and I simply love it! Please check The Globtrotters website for more details. RO

My contacts again: 0040 725 388 605, 0044 7908045387, adrian(at), skype: adrian.emanuel.niculescu.

Thank you again for visiting my blog.

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