The Free Will Magnified Is The Real Danger Of Social Media

In the entrepreneurship world, people talk about mindset all the time and how important it is for success. We all are manipulated in one way or the other through TV and social media. The fake gurus are all over teaching us how to become millionaires but at the end of the day, they may struggle to pay their rent and many of them are just broke manipulators.

Would you let somebody perform an open heart surgery if the person happens to be just an avid reader and publisher of information about heart surgery but not a skilled practitioner?

I love social media and it is a fantastic tool to get educated and also to educate others but if you live just for a like and do things just to be acknowledged by a number of people by a touch of a button … then you are f____d up! 

It is absolutely crazy to see what people are capable of doing to gain electronic recognition of others. And some of them are hurt in the process and even lose their life which is a tremendous loss.

The reality is that we have the free will and with social media, we are empowered with what it called a magnified free will which is more powerful and impactful than ever. And I believe this is the real danger of social media. Because instead of us using social media … with a purpose, we become used by it. Take care!

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