Life should be about exploring, dream and discovery

It is a sad truth that a big percentage of people die on Mondays around 9 AM. It is installed in our DNA the fact that Mondays are bad and especially Monday mornings are the worst. And that the weekend is good. In my life as an entrepreneur, I rarely make the difference between the weekdays and weekends.

The reality is that during the weekends I get fewer phone calls and messages so I can focus better on what I have to accomplish.

Our life should be much more about exploring, dreaming and discovery. Unfortunately, our time is limited here on Earth. We can make more money in the future but we can’t make more time. Why we should leave the stress to eat our life end energy? Why? Are we too weak to handle? Or better, are we afraid to live the life we are destined to live?

Just some food for thought at the beginning of this week. Please comment and also click here to join my social media channels and the newsletter if you want more.


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