The Election Day: What the economical and political news mean for different categories of people

I believe that The Election Day is a very important event and besides all the media ups and downs all candidates want what’s the best for the present and the future of US. I don’t vote there, but many of my clients are US citizens so they vote or at least they should vote. I have 0 interest in politics and always I’m looking for the short, medium and long term effects of the political decisions in any given territory.
I was from the start a supporter of Mr. Donald Trump due to the fact that his life story inspired me to go further and grow as an entrepreneur in spite of all obstacles. I’ve never met him in person but I believe this will happen at a certain moment in the future.
If I go back like eight years ago I remember a huge paradigm shift in United Stated: for the first time they elected a president with a chocolate like skin. And while writing this article I enjoy a dark chocolate and I simply love it. I grew up with Yo Mtv Raps, Eric B. and Rakim, Public Enemy and Ice-T and I still remember the rhymes where it was just at the level of wishful thinking the fact that someday the US could have a black president. And this was happened two mandates ago. I’ve never met Mr. Obama either but I’ve read about his working habits and he is one of the few hard rock persistent persons who do everything in their powers to make goals a reality and impact millions in a positive way.

Of course, I believe that nothing is perfect and the American political and economic system have a lot of gaps. What I was amazed back then was the way Mr. Obama’s political campaign touched the younger generations through social media and I used the case study of his campaign in many trainings and speaking engagements ever since. And yes it was a huge shift for the US, proving that The Amercian Dream makes anything possible.
Right now, if you ask me (remember, I am a Trump supporter) America may be ready for a new paradigm shift – to elect a woman as The President of United States and Mrs. Hillary Clinton is a professional politician having all the ingredients to win. Of course, the media went back and forth between the previous problems, failures and shady secrets but show me a perfect human being if you can. And of course, the media bring incomes from clicks, views, audiences and hype which is also ok because at the end of the day this simply pay the bills.
The purpose of this article is not to go into politics, not to endorse any of the parties, may the best win but to produce a shift in your awareness and provoke your thinking regarding what the political and economic news mean to different people.
Not even at birth we are born equal
Not even at birth we are born equal: some of us are born in a five star private medical facility and others in a less shinny place, we are categorised as sons and daughters of immigrants, we are left by our natural parents in like foster care or else and our first value systems are borrowed from our closest relatives we spend time with. And the fact that we are using our parents as referrences for how we see relationships, money, health and work may be our biggest blockage in our self development.
What your income says about yourself
Even if we believe it or not the income we have as as individuals or family makes us part of the poor class, middle class, high class and so on. And it is not just a figure, this has huge long term unseen implications in what kind or circles you can be a frequent of, what schools you can access for your children, what kind of loans and other benefits.
I just scratched the surface here and simply I don’t want to get deeper, just I want to explain a little bit about how different categories of people look and think about the political and economic news. For some of you this approach can be gamechanging.
What economical and political news mean for different categories of people
The idea of the article came when I started to think and discuss with other investors and entrepreneurs about which will be the course for USD after the elections. And to prove my point let’s say that everywhere in the media the news will be that the price of oil will go up. How you will react to such news? Well:
If you are part of the low class maybe you will decide not to use the car anymore to save money (of course, if you have a car);
If you are middle class maybe you will think about either selling your car and buying an electrical or a hybrid one – not too expensive but anyway, to optimise the budget vs use here.
And if you are high class like a high level entrepreneur or an investor you will think maybe to invest in oil while the price is still low, diversify your investments or else.
This is just a simple exercise but by using this as analogy think about what the elections will mean for you, of course if you already know in what category are you at the present moment.
So provoke your thinking and regarding the elections, may the best win!

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