Book of the Week Club: Circle of Profit by Anik Singal or How to understand the mechanics behind building a 1 million dollars digital information business in less than 6 months #bookoftheweekclub

Because I receive a lot of messages about what I’m reading, what I’m using, what learning resources I access to advance in life and business will start three new categories on my blog: “Book of the Week Club” with the hashtag #bookoftheweekclub, “Course of the Week Club” with the hashtag #courseoftheweekclub and “Software of the Week Club” with the hashtag #softwareoftheweekclub.

The main purpose of this blog is to teach you about #enterpreneurship and how to grow as a human being and a business person. Why I’m doing that? Let me explain: Few months ago I was chatting on Facebook with a potential JV partner offering him the opportunity to promote a webinar about publishing ebooks on Kindle. The guy wrote something which really shocked me: “I have a list of more than 100 k subscribers but they are more personal development seekers than personal development doers. They buy products showing them how to expect everything from the sky and the law of attraction but they don’t want to do anything at all”.

Guys and gals, even the Attraction word contains the word action. I personally was a big procrastinator and even now I have courses boxes bought 10 years ago which were never opened. The majority of people buy a life changing book, they put in on the shelf and maybe, maybe read the first chapter. This is crazy.

Also most of the buyers of digital products and ebooks with a cost of less than 30 usd never use them. So you can send crap and you will get refunds only from the small portion of the buyers who actually use them. This is stupid crazy.

Once I did a test because I didn’t believe these statistics and I am the guy who wants to test everything. I’ve put a product for sale, a digital product and it was nothing on the download page. Out of 200 buyers, only one sent an e-mail that he can’t download anything from the thank you page. Of course, I sent to the customer the files manually with some cool unannounced bonuses and added the downloads to the thank you page.

But I really want you to be different. I want you to take action, to make things happen and on my blog you will find every week a book, a course and a software explained and reviewed based on how I use them, what I learn from them so we will be able to learn together. Feel free to comment, share the posts with your friends because the purpose of every post is to help at least 1,000 people. I will use the blog, Linkedin Pulse and live video/ Youtube to shout out about these learning elements. I don’t know exactly how I will proceed with sharing this information but today I just make the first baby  steps. I don’t have a plan for what to review in the next weeks, what I know is that I have access to a ton of resources, so I need to be more organised in actually learn from them and share the knowledge with you.  For some of the resources I receive free access from the publishers, I buy others and there is a category where I help the creators in the actual promotions so if you purchase based on my recommandation one of my businesses will earn a commission.

My promise is that I will not write about things I don’t believe in and use in my own personal and business growth. 

Let me share with you a very short story: Two days ago I went to donate blood for the 10th time. I started this habit in the Summer of 2014 so I want to stick to 4 blood donations per year. It is easy to say, ok, I will do this tomorrow, next, year but you arrive at the moment when you start planning things for the next life because theyr will never happen. In that morning I’ve run my every other day jog plan which is around 7 km. Back in the days, at the beginning of 2013 I could’t run more than 1 km in one shot so when I heard that Madonna used to run 4 km in the mornings it seemed like from another movie. To cut the story short I was with the MD who evaluated me before the blood donation and the discussion went around the habit of running. She said that tried to perform this routine in the morning just that simply couldn’t do it. I’ve told her that it is only a matter of persistence and exercise and that I run alongside of any road and that she doesn’t need any special arrangements.

That moment was my kickstart for these three sections on my blog which will make a “must” for me to actually write them, be more serious in studying the resources I have access to and share my findings with you, my online family.

Also, what’s very important, you will be able to understand things from a perspective which is accessible to only less than 5% of the population. And I am sure that you will find the content even better than the content published in many of the paid programs.

Are we set? Let’s go.

In the world of business if you want to be perceived as an expert it is a must to have at least one book published in the physical format. I share with you that one of my goals is to become a New York Times Bestselling Author so on this blog you will find the steps I will implement when the time will come. It is a market standard these days that the authors of great books are invited to speak with bigger fees to consult with corporations are respected and followed in social media.

Also, a physical book is an excellent front end product (if you are not familiarised with this term I will explain it later) and the start of what is called a sales funnel (also more on that later in the article)

This is even abused because there are many service providers which can make you an expert out of nowhere by creating a book for you. I don’t want to go deeper into this subject as you should learn to spot the difference between the true experts and the fake ones.

I struggled a lot with starting and developing my digital information business before seeing tangible results and I can say that the learing curve is a continuous one because the things are changing so fast and what goes today is possible not to work tomorrow.

Anik Singal’s physical book Circle of Profit is the front end product for a larger promotion but it is a great resource even if you don’t buy anything else offered later. It is offered for free and you just have to pay for shipping and handling a small fee and once you order it it can be accessed online in the ebook format which is great.  Anik Singal started his online business over 13 years ago with zero experience right from his dorm room. He has gone on to sell over $100 Million worth of digital information products online using his Circle of Profit system.

circle of profit

The book is built around the mindset and resources you need to build a sustainable 1$ million digital information business in the fastest way possible. 

Some ideas you will find by browsing the chapters:

  1.  The digital gold rush: why this is the best time to start an online business?
  2.  What is a digital publishing business: I believe that most teachers don’t give this information in a proper, understandable way.
  3. How to find your profitable passion: yes, you have to be passionate because otherwise it will be almost impossible to cut through the barriers which will appear down the road.
  4. The crash course to the Circle of Profit: Circle of Profit is a concept, a set of ideas which will build the foundation for your business.
  5. The key elements for starting your business: traffic, optin page, the autoresponder, the secret to create your first $1 million and your 1$ million funnel are explained in detail.
  6. How to build your audience, talk to it, monetize, attract a growing audience and very important how to become a true authority.
  7. The ways to evaluate your niche: if it is a highly profitable one.
  8. Creating your product: to succed massively you have to create products and it is much easier than you think.
  9. How to create your own $1 Million Sales Funnel: too many businesses are focused on the front end product or service which is the first purchase where the client gets a feel about what you can offer in excahne for his money. In the book it is explained very in detail what is a sales funnel and you can build it for your business starting right away.
  10. Upsells and Downsells: as per the graph below, upsells and downsells are part of the sales funnel and they maximise the engagement and the earnings per customer.
  11. Back end multiplier: this is where the real money are made. So many businesses don’t communicate constantly with their customers and don’t offer other products over time and this is a huge mistake. Find in the book how to overcome this.
  12. How to put everything together
  13. Your business plan for 1$ million by using the knowledge from the book in 6 months
  14. The Snowball launch: rolling your way to 1$ million.

double profits funnel


Here you can order Anik Singal’s Circle of Profit for free and just pay a small fee for shipping and handling.

If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends, colleagues and business partners, connect with me on social media and subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here. I love to share value and knowledge with audiences in live events and I have a separate website for speaking bookings.

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