How to turn an ordinary poll into a sales funnel (new software)

$2,502,600 in revenue
480,030 email leads…

…that’s how much results the first version 1.0  users of the most advanced polling software  on the planet generated in the past 6 months.

Check out the brand new 2.0 version

mints app.png

The software is called mints app and over the past few months, over 5,000 marketers and business owners have used the first 1.0 version to interact and engage over 1.6 million customers worldwide in various niches and markets (offline and online)

The software is not just some basic polling software… it’s far more than that.

It’s the new revolution in customer acquisition for businesses, it presents you with a whole brand new way to attract, interact, engage and sell to your audience without lifting a finger and best part, convert 10x more sales than you would
have with an ordinary sales funnel.

Mints App 2.0 is a cloud-based platform that allows it’s users to use the polling mechanism to create interactive and dynamic offers that will self-optimise on action and tailor personalised offers to your audience based on their choice
while taking action.

You can use it to:

– build your list & grow your email marketing
– giveaway coupon and discount codes
– promote affiliate and cpa offers
– sell physical & digital products
– promote local businesses
– generate viral social media traffic

And you can use it on your:

– Shopify, BigCommerce and eCommerce stores
– product sales pages
– videos
– social media
– blogs
– landing pages
and just about any website

Here’s a live demonstration of the new 2.0

I can’t say this enough…

BUT the truth is that mints app offers you the EASIEST way possible to interact and engage with your audience regardless of your niche.

Even better…

It presents you with a whole new way to capture buyer leads and sell more products which is why over 5,000 marketers and business owners use it right now to grow their business fast and if you act now, you could also get access to this upgraded technology and start generating amazing results.

It’s very easy and fully automated…

Get you 80% lifetime discount access to mints app 2.0 now



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