The five best lead generation with LinkedIn

I always say to my students in workshops that at the end of the day in social media matters the number of leads you acquired for your business. It is on the most important metrics to take into consideration!

LinkedIn provides one of the best platform for connecting with various professionals and businesses that provides you the opportunity to drive in traffic. LinkedIn profile also helps in lead generation for your website.

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Due to high global reach and extended user engagement, it creates high leads on social media. Below are the certain ways to attract high quality leads and gain more sales.

  • Look for your profile visitors:

LinkedIn shows number of people viewing your profile. Each and every person viewing or visiting your profile is counted among the potential leads for your business.

LinkedIn helps in establishing business relationships that takes the business to another level. You can check this by clicking the option “Who’s Viewed Your Profile,” under “Profile” menu.  This will help you in viewing your potential leads.

  • Be visible:

For getting viewed by your leads, you can upload your updates or work to get noticed. Every time you post or update anything it also appears in the newsfeed of your connections which helps in bringing desired leads for your business. Your business page is the free way of branding your business over LinkedIn.

You can share your updates with audience of your page. They are the great way of generating leads for your business. It is recommended that once you create your business page then share it amongst your connections to promote and generate leads through it.

  • Go for LinkedIn ads:

You can also go for advertising on LinkedIn for attracting your potential leads through this. LinkedIn ads are an affordable way of posting and promoting your brand with less efforts.

LinkedIn ad published through your business page appears in the newsfeed of your connections. You can also go for sponsored ads, it attracts your potential customers quickly and brings in high leads.  Don’t depend on single campaign, go for more than one campaign and promote the one which gets higher clicks which would bring in leads for your business.

  • Send messages:

Get in contact with your potential customers through LinkedIn messages. Using data through LinkedIn you can pinpoint whom you want to interact with.

Creating and sending spam message over here can have a negative impact over your company profile. You can create short and effective messages to target and generate effective leads for your business.

  • Use LinkedIn search:

LinkedIn provides advance search option to locate your potential leads easily. LinkedIn is the great source of having leads for your business but sometime people misinterpret it as targeting everyone present there.

It searches your prospects according to their location, industry type and their interests.  You must always post relevant content to bring your prospective leads and target them properly.

If used properly, LinkedIn can be an awesome source of generating quality leads for your business.  LinkedIn recommendations also help in generating leads. The more recommendations you have, more will be the chances of having leads for business. LinkedIn helps you in bringing prospective leads and ultimately, high profits.

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