Create a Webinar and Grow Rich Episode I

I brainstormed with myself during one night where I barely kept sleeping because I had this question in my head:”What kind of content to share to bring as much value possible?” and towards the morning a thought popped up in my head: about creating, presenting and promoting webinars.

And the main reason for that besides the actual thought is that by the year 2030 at least 50% of the jobs existing today will simply dissapear and more and more people will have to change career paths in the next years, will start home businesses, online businesses or simply will search for ways to suplement their income by pursuing certain opportunities. There are voices saying that the era of webinars has ended. And this statement is far, far from the truth. The reality is that many of us learn now through images, movies and sounds rather than using books and if you look at how are equipped the TV’s on sale these days you will understand that the future of Television is connected with the internet.

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On top of that, since August 2009 when I started to study what we like to call “internet marketing” attended hundreds of webinars first as a student and next as a presenter, joint venture partner, brokered webinar deals and attended the sessions to see that everything was ok and consulted withy clients to get their webinars up. All those combined refined in models, strategies and processes which make from creating a webinar an element of science and also a vehicle for building wealth in a meaningful way.

Why is that? As said before, many of us are more interested in watching a presentation than reading a book and with the development of smartphones and tablets this can be done from absolutely anywhere.

A certain portion of the webinars on the market today have a product pitch at the end (will address this immediatly) and even so they can be meaningful and should be and I explain this here. When you present a webinar to an audience and there is a product pitch at the end, usually 10 – 20% of the audience will buy what you are offering. But the majority of your audience will say no. They will not buy today but will appreciate your info if there is quality there, might take some action and maybe later will buy from you.

I find the webinars as the most important way to share quality information with the world because the presenter(s) and the audience can be anywhere in the world and an amazing tool for wealth building.

Certainly there are few webinar types:

1. Content only – this type of webinar is intended usually to share a certain information or is part of a program where the attendee already paid a fee to join; it doesn’t have anything

for sale, it is just pure information.

2. Product review – it is a presentation centered on a certain product or service and maybe contains at the end a special offer or not necessary.

3. Interview an expert – look, if you have an idea about wanting to enter a certain niche because it is profitable but don’t have a clue about how to do it, the fastest route is to find an expert in that niche and create a joint webinar with that person; such experts may have a great knowledge in the area, are already known in that niche, have branding, maybe followers and products for sale; find such experts and start working with them.

4. Product pitch – in the Internet Marketing world this is the most popular type of webinar. At the end there is all the time an offer and most offers are in the range of $497 to $997 and

$1997. During certain product launches there are organised webinars to increase the conversions and help the awareness and the flow of sales. Today still a good portion of the webinars in the Internet Marketing space is little focused on the content/ value they bring to the audience and more on the product pitch. In product launches you can see webinars even for $7 ebooks, $17 to $27 products but the majority of this typoe of webinars are for products starting with $497.

There are only few niches where maybe it doesn’t make sense to create a webinar but for the majority of them it is a great way to share information, connect with your audience, deliver value and get paid doing so.

As written before in the recent years simply was perfected the science of creating, presenting and promoting webinars and all successful ones are “executed” in a certain way. I will address here the components of the webinar process and will be more specific in the next episodes. Every of this component has to be taken seriously into consideration to achieve
long term results.

1. The webinar funnel – We hear everywhere about the sales funnel and it tends to become like a common expression and still for many of us this is like a foreign language. In the past, in
the internet marketing world every sales process started with getting the e-mail and name of the prospect in exchange for a valuable download, followed by e-mails, content, offers, affiliate offers and so on. They say that by e-mail you should start building a relationship with your prospect. And the prospects will buy from you if they start to like, know and trust
you. Still, today, this principle works very well just that we are in the social media era and “everything starts with a conversation”. Today the prospects can post comments on the pages if you allow them to but still a big percentage of the sales processes online start with a freebie.

By the way, what is a webinar? Except the ones as part of paid memberships or the ones you have to pay for to attend, a webinar is a free presentation for something – a strategy, a method, a loophole (typical IM slang) so in one way or the other you start a conversation with a prospect to register for your webinar and give you the name and address – some will ask for the phone number.

So the webinar funnel starts with the ads, e-mails sent, blog or social media posts when you, your JV partners and other entities announce the webinars. And by those strategies over a certain period of time you will gather a number of prospects in your database.

What follows is the pre-webinar phase where you need to think in advance of a sequence of e-mails which will make as many of your prospects attend the live webinar itself. You can send articles, blog posts, videos and other elements which will enhance the expert status of the presenter (s), will bring value (don’t overlook this element) and will make the audience eager to attend the live session. Usually 30% of the registered folks will attend the live session so if you aim for a minimum of 100 live attendeed you should have at least 300 registrations.

Then you have the live webinar and the post webinar phase when you communicate with your buyers certain kind of information, send a replay to the ones who didn’t purchase and continue to build value, branding awareness and prepare new promotions. I will deconstruct everything in deep details during the next episodes.

2. The webinar presentation – The webinar presentation itself is crucial but without all the activities from (1.) you will have a great webinar presented in front of the mirror. Usually the webinar presentations are 60 minutes in length from which 45 minutes is the content and 15 minutes the product pitch if we are talking about this kind of webinars. I will have a special episode on how to structure step by step a highly successful webinar to create value, build credibility and have a lot of happy customers.

3. The product or service pitched – Yes, the product is very important and you should address very carefully its structure and how you actually present it to achieve maximum conversions.

If your product is $997 think that your customers will love to see that what you are offering has 10X more value. If you communicate this based on reality and not based on putting some numbers there you will achieve great results. And you should be okay if at lest 10% of the live attendees buy.

This was an introductory episode to get your feet wet. In the next episode, published tomorrow I will address The webinar funnel and in detail how you get people registered for your webinar and the pre-webinar phase. Please feel free to share this post if you find it valuable and comment if you want to ask questions.

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