How to be an entrepreneur in the business of living

Today it’s 30th of August, officially the end of “summer” as most of us know it, the potential end of the summer holidays season and so on. This is it if you think in a reactive way. But, if you are proactive then today is a new day when you can make a dufference, you can improve something in your life with 1%, you can shift 0,5 mm in the direction of your dreams.

For is a special day because it has a new tagline which was refined in the last 5 years which were my rookie blogger years. And … the tagline or pitch if you want, label or else is … “Entrepreneur in the business of living”.

Entrepreneur In The Business Of Living
Entrepreneur In The Business Of Living

An amazing life has a lot of components from daily rituals to workout, finance, systems, pains, pleasures, too many to list them here but my promise is that overtime we will cover them all. My dream is to have a life to be really proud of, to transform the dreams into reality and inspire and empower others to do the same.


The reality is that I have so many amazing things to share with the world in the next months and years and … if you follow this blog we will have an amazing journey together. So … let’s dive in!

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