The beauty of the things we take from granted like … seeing the sun in the morning

Today I had one of those mornings: woke up at 5AM, went on the beach at 5.15, started my meditation and healthy breathing routine immediatly, then the exercises for the back muscles, jogging and swimming, everything until 7 AM. In the process, I’ve witnessed the beauty of the sun rising, saw few hundreds of crabs being nurtured by the sun and frightened by me approaching, was saluted by many small fishes which came veeery close to me and felt very alive.

While being laid down on the sand I’ve reconnected with Mother Earth and was grateful to live another day.


I felt guilty many times over of not even be present to the real beauty of the world around being caught in various negative patterns, worries about survival, business development, challenge overcoming and so on. Of course, this is a general problem to many people who want more for them and others but … simply I can’t take this as an excuse. Even when the road to success and fulfillment is paved with a lot of obstacles the beauty is in enjoying the process. Yes, you will say that it is easy to say than done and I agree with you.

I had various insights this morning. I have insights every morning just that I’m not writing all the time about them.

The first – why the heck I am blogging?
The answer comes from an analogy. I have an amazing FB family. I call it family because, really, many of my FB friends are absolutely amazing people. When I entered FB this morning I’ve found immediatly empowering posts from few fellows which will help me overcome any obstacle today. So, really, the blogging is not about myself, but, if I succeed in inspiring somebody, anybody to take his/ her life at the next level, at least with 1% today then my blogging is worthwile. So, the purpose of my blogging is … to really inspire you to go further in life and do better. Only one idea, one idea but started to be applied can change everything for you.
We really don’t understand that the balance of life is very thin and that nothing is guaranteed including if we will still be here tomorrow. And it’s not our job to question this, but we have to appreciate The Present – today.

The second – why I’m pursuing the entrepreneur journey which is recognised to be one of the hardest? Because, I’m inspired to share my ideas to the world. Oftentimes, the term “entrepreneur” is misunderstood. Why? Let me tell you why: an entrepreneur is not necessarily somebody owning a business. It’s like more a mindset thing. People like Jay-Z and Dr Dre are entrepreneurs, they are artists but with an entrepreneurial DNA. Did they inherited the entrepreneurial spirit from their parents? Nope! They’ve developed this over the years and used music as the vehicle to their journey. Music is one of the things I would like to do more in the next years. Why? Because I simply love it. It’s because music makes me happy! It’s because music, as services, speaking and product creation helps spreading the message to the world.

Over the last few months I’ve made the biggest changes in my beliefs system from my whole life and as you become aware of some things around, simply the old beliefs have to be shifted. They don’t belong anymore. More on this in my future posts.

The third – which is our purpose? Well, our purpose as humans is … to push the humanity forward. Have an amazing week, stretch yourself, desire more out of life and … live it with passion!

8 thoughts on “The beauty of the things we take from granted like … seeing the sun in the morning

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