EDUARDO SOLÉR * Entrepreneur / Photographer * California, USA “Determination n Business” Interview by Karla Darocas

With Karls Darocas I correspond via She sent me yesterday a link to this interview and I decided to re-publish because it touches core issues regarding the determination which is needed to succeed in any business.

What is that energetic determination, which incites entrepreneurs and deal-makers, artists and investors? In this issue of New Frontier, California-based entrepreneur-photographer Eduardo Solér shares his driving forces and gives some insights on “determination” in business.

“Having your own business, is the whole package”, explains Eduardo Solér.
“When you have a skill or craft, and you’ve invested your education, capital, and then you put it all together in a promotion and sell it to possible clients and nothing is a 100% guaranteed return… THEN you are now one of the biggest risk takers on earth. You are flying, you’re gambling, and you think you are crazy, and it is also very exciting because it is all yours!”


Name: Eduardo Solér
Nationality: American
Current Living / Working Location/s: Oakland, California
Type of Enterprises: Solér Photography
Years in Operation: 25 Years
Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur, deal-maker, educator, investor – all of the above? All of the above


Q* What do you believe drives your determination to be a photographer?

A* Sometimes, I wish I had the determination to be something else, like a business man, or in the medical field, or a carpenter. I really don’t know why I have the determination to be a photographer. I just love it!

Q* In the past, did you always determined to be an photographer – or did you just fall into the job?

A* I was determined to be a photographer. When I was starting in Los Angeles, I would spend hours looking at all the magazines and the best photographers in the world like Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, etc. Then I would think about who I would work for as an assistant.

Q* Do you believe that without determination, you would never be in business for yourself?

A* Yes, without determination, I would never be in business for myself. Determination is the gas for the motorbike – the vespa..

Q* What top 5 goals should young entrepreneurs and someone starting out in business be determined to accomplish?

A* Top five goals:
1. Get the best education you can afford
2. Find a mentor
3. Reach for the stars, we say “go for it” here in the United States. If 10 is the highest, then reach for 10. You may end up at 7, but if you reach for 5, you could end up at 2, and 2 is not so good.
4. Find something you love to do, and make a business out of it.
5. Enjoy the journey. Sometimes the journey is better than the goal!

Q* When should your “determination” play its most important roles?

A* When you wake up in the morning and say, “what am I going to do today, to improve my business”. I think determination is a daily occurrence. I’m not saying you have to be this crazy determined person all the time, but you can have a quiet determination and set your business goals weekly or daily, and still enjoy your life with friends and family!


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