Eric B. & Rakim – biography, discography

Hip-hop trailblazers Eric B. and Rakim’s first single, “Eric B. Is President” (#48, 1986), sparked early debate on the legality of unauthorized, uncredited sampling when James Brown sued to prevent the duo’s use of a fragment of his music. It also established Brown’s back catalog as a hip musical mining ground for a new generation of hip-hop programmers.

With Rakim’s relaxed vocal delivery (“Microphone Fiend,” “Paid in Full”) and rhymes that have been described as “existential,” together with Eric B.’s deft turntable manipulation, the duo became one of the most acclaimed hip-hop acts of the late ’80s. The two met in 1985 when Eric Barrier was working as a DJ at New York City radio station WBLS and looking for an MC to rap over his turntable work. A year later they released “Eric B. Is President” (#48 R&B, 1986) on the independent Harlem label Zakia.

Paid in Full (#58 pop, #8 R&B) appeared in 1987 with a new mix of the single, as well as songs such as “I Know You Got Soul” (#64 R&B, 1987) and “I Ain’t No Joke” (#38 R&B, 1987). The duo’s subsequent three albums reached the Top 40, with Follow the Leader peaking at #22, Let the Rhythm Hit ’Em at #32, and Don’t Sweat the Technique at #22. In 1991 Eric B. and Rakim scored another hit with the theme to House Party 2, “What’s on Your Mind” (#34 R&B). The duo, who were never close friends, parted ways after Don’t Sweat the Technique, but not before running into another legal dispute over their sampling of Funkadelic’s “No Head, No Backstage Pass,” from Follow the Leader’s “Lyrics of Fury.”

In 1995 Eric B. released a self-titled debut solo album, but spent most of the ’90s as a producer and executive for Street Life Records. After suffering years of legal wrangling and label mishaps, Rakim finally reemerged in 1997 with the acclaimed 18th Letter/Book of Life (#4 pop, #1 R&B, 1997) – a two-disc set split between new material and classic Eric B. and Rakim cuts. That same year, Rakim performed a duet with Mobb Deep for the Hoodlum soundtrack. The rapper returned two years later with The Master, which eschewed ghetto stories for a more mystical approach.

from The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll (Simon & Schuster, 2001)


Repaid In Full – The Paid In Full Remixes
The Best Of Eric B & Rakim 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection
Paid in Full [Bonus Tracks]
Follow the Leader [Bonus Tracks]
Paid In Full – Deluxe Edition
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection…
Don’t Sweat The Technique
Let The Rhythm Hit `Em
Follow The Leader
Paid In Full: The Platinum Edition
Paid In Full

In the Ghetto


Old School Rap
Hip Hop Gold
Hip Hop Box
Back to Mine
Best of Old Skool Hip Hop
Brown Sugar
Boom Box Flava
Old School Hip Hop, Vol. 2
Old School Rap, Vol. 5
Old School Rap, Vol. 1-4 [Box Set]
Rap Mania: The Roots Of Rap
American Psycho
Old School Rap Volume 4
In The Lab With DJ Nabs: The Live Album
The Source Presents… The Pioneers
Hip-Ol’ Skool
Hip Hop Classics, Vol. 3
History of Rap, Vol. 2
Hip Hop Classics, Vol. 1
Hip Hop Classics, Vol. 2
Old School Rap Volume 3
Rap: Today’s Greatest Hits
Juice [Original Soundtrack]
Rap: Straight Outta the Ghetto
Rap’s Most Wanted
House Party 2 [Original Soundtrack]
Fresh Rap [K-Tel]
Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack, Vol. 3
Rap the Beat
Rap’s Biggest Hits
Rap’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 3
Hard Rap
Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack, Vol. 2

I Know You Got Soul
Jason Nevins
The Mix Tape, Vol. 1: 60 Minutes of Funk
Funkmaster Flex
Marley Marl’s House Of Hits
Marley Marl

Jody Watley – Friends Video with Eric B. and Rakim

Eric B. & Rakim-Paid In Full

Eric B and Rakim – In The Ghetto

Eric B. & Rakim – The R

Microphone fiend (remix)/Eric B. & Rakim

DJ McCoY Old School Hip Hop Mix Down – classic but as I call the art of DJ-ing!

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Rakim, my favourite MC of all times

Rakim, The Master, The Microphone Fiend, he is 100% my favourite MC. I heard him in 1988, when my mother brought me Eric B. & Rakim’s tape Follow the Leader. This was and remains one of the most important albums in the history of hip-hop music. I post for you some of the most important tunes from Rakim’s solo, after-“Eric B. & Rakim” period.

Rakim – Guess Who’s Back (So So Def Remix)

Truth Hurts – Addictive feat. Rakim

Rakim – It’s Been A Long Time

Rakim – New York Remix (Prod. DJ Premier)

Rakim – Love For Sale

Here is a mix from some old Eric B & Rakim tunes, where Rakim is accompanied by a live band. Can you believe that the first song from the mix is 21 years old? 21 years!
ThaFormula Rakim Live Band

Please visit Rakim’s My Space page

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The Directorz – quality and stylish works from Youtube

One of the most interesting channels on Youtube belongs to Scott Granger, aka DJ Scott G. Spot who is 1/2 of The Directorz from Scotland. He is DJ, DVDJ, Music Video producer and is responsible for remixing music videos from major record labels like Universal, Sony/BMG, Gusto, MOS and Mercury for artists like Just Jack, Groove Armada, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and many more.

I will post here some of the best (in my opinion) works from The Directorz:
Estelle vs Bootyluv – American Shine (The Directorz)

Sean Paul vs Rihanna – Umbrella Temperature (The Directorz)

Bob Sinclair – What I Want (audio remix by Wideboys and video remix by Scott G.)

Snoop Dogg – Sensual Seduction (audio remix by Wideboys and video remix by Scott G.)

… and, the fruit from the cake, my 100% favourite is:
Akon vs Nightcrawlers – Smack That Feeling On (Video Mix)

I sincerely wish these guys success with all their projects and all of you a great and happy summer!

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Kia Ceed Drive test

Daca doriti sa evaluati Kia Ceed – cel mai bine vandut model Kia pe piata romaneasca si o masina excelenta care ofera un foarte bun raport calitate pret, inscrieti-va pentru un drive test pe site-ul!

The most valuable brands of the world

The most valuable brand of the world is Google, its value rising in 2007 with 30% at the value of 86.057 bn USD, according with BrandZ. BrandZ is a top created at the worldwide scale interviewing one million consumers, covering 50,000 brands (grouped in 16 categories) and it has the signature of Millward Brown Optimor, the brand consultancy and evaluation division of Millward Brown. The 2007 edition of it drives to the conclusion that the first 100 brands of the world will cost a potential investor 1,940 bn USD.

The Top 10 brands of the world looks like this:
brand / value in bn USD / variation 2007 vs. 2006
1. Google / 86.057 / 30%
2. General Electric (GE) / 71.379 / 15%
3. Microsoft / 70.887 / 29%
4. Coca Cola / 58.208 / 17%
5. China Mobile / 57.225 / 39%
6. IBM / 55.335 / 65%
7. Apple / 55.206 / 123%
8. McDonald’s / 49.499 / 49%
9. Nokia / 43.975 / 39%
10. Marlboro / 37.324 / -5%

In Europe, the most valuable brands are following the same chapters as above:
1. Nokia/ 43.975/ 30%
2. Vofadone/ 36.962/ 75%
3. BMW/ 28.015/ 9%
4. Louis Vuitton/ 25.739/ 13%
5. Tesco/ 23.208/ 39%

In automotive industry, around the world:
1. Toyota/ 35.134/ 5%
2. BMW/ 28.015/ 9%
3. Porsche/ 21.718/ 62%
4. Mercedes/ 18.044/ 1%
5. Honda/ 16.649/ 8%

Personal care:
1. Gillette/ 21.523/ 20%
2. L’Oreal/ 16.459/ 34%
3. Colgate/ 10.576/ 37%
4. Avon/ 7.209/ 10%
5. Garnier/ 5.523/ 33%

Soft drinks:
1. Coca Cola/ 46.093/ 17%
2. Pepsi/ 12.961/ 17%
3. Coca-Cola Light/ 12.115/ 17%
4. Fanta/ 3.724/ 13%
5. Sprite/ 3.134/ 14%

Luxury products:
1. Louis Vuitton/ 25.739/ 13%
2. Hermes/ 9.631/ 39%
3. Gucci/ 9.341/ 43%
4. Cartier/ 9.285/ 32%
5. Chanel/ 8.656/ 15%

The source of the data is BrandZ – 2008 edition, looking at the 2007 year!

There are many conclusions associated with this study, but I will point the most interesting one from my point of view:
At the worldwide scale, the biggest increase belongs to a brand which seems not to be thrusted in some years ago: BlackBerry … 390% followed by Apple with 123% and the Amazon portal with 93%.
The value of the BlackBerry brand in 2007 was of 13.734 bn USD, occupying the 51st position in top 100.

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