Training pentru agentii imobiliari

Cat de mare este nevoia de training pentru noii agenti imobiliari care doresc sa testeze acest domeniu in plina criza?

Pai, sa ne gandim: In primul rand, orice agent imobiliar este interfata dintre agentie si client. In functie de cat de bine se prezinta agentul, pune intr-o lumina buna sau nu compania si managementul ei. Hai sa spunem ca in cazul clientilor de retail care cumpara cate o casa, teren, etc. in 2007 firmele isi mai puteau permite sa rateze cate un client fiindca imediat aparea altul in loc, doar ca acum situatia se prezinta foarte diferit. Firmele serioase tineau aproape de toti clientii si nu isi permiteau sa se joace si investeau in training ceea ce fac si acum chiar daca nu la acelasi nivel de buget.

Afacerile imobiliare se incheie mult mai greu decat inainte iar daca este vorba de o proprietate marketata de mai multe firme diferenta o face, mai mult decat oricand, agentul imobiliar. Desi piata imobiliara se afla intr-o criza ce nu poate fi neglijata, foarte multe persoane au mizat catre alte domenii de activitate, exista insa destul de multi new-comers care vor sa profite de oportunitatile pe care le genereaza o astfel de perioada.

Acum este mult mai usor sa sudezi o echipa, fiindca se munceste mai mult, spiritul de competitie este inlocuit de cel de colaborare si parca victoria este mai gustoasa ca oricand.

Pana la urma nici o criza nu poate lua trainingurile si abilitatile pe care le iei cu tine oriunde in lume. Noi consideram ca noii intrati in imobiliare au nevoie de a invata sa lucreze intr-un mod profesionist, sa utilizeze cu succes resursele internetului si ale retelelor sociale si de aceea oferim atat dezvoltatorilor cat si agentiilor imobiliare sesiuni de training ce se materializeaza in competente ce pot fi implementate imediat. Fiindca teoria se poate invata din carti, noi punem in prim plan latura practica ce pana la urma este cea care duce la materializarea in venituri.

Traininguri Microsoft

Una din liniile de business la care lucram de mai bine de 2 ani este dezvoltarea de proiecte web – Bloguri, site-uri, etc. Le dezvoltam pentru noi sau pentru alti clienti, avand o echipa de specialisti si consultanti din mai multe colturi ale lumii care lucreaza impreuna utilizand skype si alte modalitati de comunicare. Incet, incet, aceasta activitate pornita din dorinta de a avea control asupra proprietatilor noastre virtuale s-a transformat intr-o veritabila agentie Web cu un portofoliu care creste in fiecare saptamana. De la sfarsitul anului trecut beneficiem de accesul la programe specializate pentru agentii web tinere organizate de Microsoft Romania.

Ultimele doua traininguri sau workshop-uri … cum vreti sa le numim au fost despre Php si Asp.Net. Nu am veleitati de programator, chiar nu am, insa am invatat foarte multe lucruri noi care ma vor ajuta foarte mult in comunicarea si colaborarea cu partenerii mei din acest business. In cadrul acestui program, Microsoft ne faciliteaza accesul la cele mai noi softuri pentru aplicatii web ceea ce este un asset foarte important pentru activitatea noastra.

Un marketer international – genul care castiga sume cu 7 cifre spunea ceva ce mi-a placut foarte mult: “Pentru mine, computerul este un fel de Lampa a lui Aladdin, in care introduc informatii – articole, mailuri, etc. si care imi indeplineste toate dorintele financiare pe care mi le pot imagina”. Da, mi-a placut !!!

Italian property buying guide

When purchasing a property in Italy you should go through 3 stages:

1) Proposta irrevocabile d’acquisto (reservation offer)
2) Contratto preliminare di vendita (preliminary contract)
3) Atto di vendita (deed of sale)

Once you have chosen your property you should engage the services of a solicitor, whether you buy through a real estate agent or directly from the vendor. An Italian solicitor’s knowledge of Italian Real Estate Law is invaluable and he is there to look after your interests and your interests only!

When buying a property in Italy the first document you will be called upon to sign is the so called “proposta irrevocabile d’acquisto” (reservation offer), this is normal practice when purchasing through an estate agent. On the other hand when purchasing directly from the vendor (private sale) this document is not normally used. This is one of the many reasons why a solicitor should always be engaged.

By signing the proposta irrevocabile d’acquisto you will be taking the property off the market for a limited period of time, normally 15 days. During which time your solicitor, and where necessary assisted by a surveyor, will make all the necessary searches to ascertain that the property is without any debts, mortgages, claims etc. Thereby assuring that there will be no unpleasant and possibly costly surprises during the last stage of the purchase. At this stage you will be required to pay a small deposit, which is normally held by the estate agent or solicitor until the offer is formally accepted (signed) by the vendor. Should you finalize the purchase, this deposit will be considered as partial payment of the purchase price. If the vendor does not formally accept the offer your deposit shall be returned to you. It is important to highlight the fact that the reservation offer is only binding for the buyer until formal written acceptance of the vendor. Once signed by both parties it becomes a legally binding contract.

Normally at this stage, buyer and vendor having agreed to go ahead with the conveyance will formalize their agreement with the “contratto preliminare di vendita” (preliminary contract). Some estate agents and especially private sales choose or recommend leaving out this particular essential part of the purchase process. This legal document is essential because it sets detailed terms and conditions of the sale. This is why its highly advisable to engage the services of a solicitor as one of the services they offer is to draft this contract where possible and when not at least examine it very carefully before you sign it.

One of the essential legal elements of the preliminary contract is the payment of a deposit (caparra confirmatoria), normally equivalent to a minimum of 10% of the purchase price. This deposit will not be returned if you back out of the contract without a valid legal reason on the other hand, if the Vendor changes his mind about the sale he/she will under Italian law have to refund your deposit in full. You have the right if you wish, to also claim an amount equal to the deposit through the Italian courts.

In the preliminary contract the parties also set the date to finalize the conveyance in front of the notary public.

The Notary is a public official who has the authority according to Italian law to validate contracts transferring the ownership of a property, he is also charged with paying all registry fees and cadastral taxes and carrying out the relevant searches on the property. But having engaged a solicitor beforehand you will be confident that no unpleasant surprises will be revealed at this late stage of the purchase process.

The notary is supposed to be an absolutely neutral and impartial party in the transaction. This is why he cannot be a substitute for a solicitor in the defence of the interests of the buyer. The only way to be assured of total impartiality is to engage the services of an independent solicitor.

The final step of the conveyance is the so called “atto di vendita” (deed of sale). The deed is drafted by the Notary in his office, it has to be fully compliant with the preliminary contract. So it is the preliminary contract that is the document setting all the essential elements of the transaction. Once the Deed has been signed by all those present at the signing, the balance of the purchase price is paid to the Vendor and the keys are handed over to the new owners.

A copy of the Deeds will then be given to the new owners approximately one month after the signing. This is because it takes approximately one month for the new deeds to be registered at the relevant Registry Office.

If one of the parties does not understand the Italian language, according to the law the deed of sale must be drafted in both Italian and English.

If the buyer cannot be present in front of the Notary he can give power of attorney to his solicitor who will sign on his behalf.

The notary will read and explain the contract, the buyer will be able to read the English version and through the support of a bilingual solicitor, is entitled to ask questions.

Proposta irrevocabile di acquisto : This is where an initial formal offer is made and a small deposit is left. The price you are willing to offer has been determined and also any conditions you may wish to make.

Contratto preliminare di vendita : This is the contract that sets out in detail the terms and conditions of the sale and also all the relevant cadastral and registry information. It is also known as a Compromesso.

Atto di Vendita : The moment when in front of a Notary public the exchange of contracts is made, the outstanding amount of the purchase price will be paid and the keys to the property will be handed over to the new owners.
Caparra confirmatoria : This is a deposit that is regulated under art.1385 of the Italian Civil Code . If a deposit is defined as a “caparra confirmatoria” it endows legal rights upon both parties.
Avv. Giandomenico De Tullio

9 Ways to Get Glowing Online Reviews

Whether you like them or not, online rating Web sites are a reality for today’s real estate professionals. Those sites, in addition to Facebook and other social media outlets, create a powerful tool for spreading the word about you and your services. But to do it right, you need your customers’ help.  


The advent of social media has brought on the era of the educated real estate consumer. These days, customers go online not only to look at property listings, but also to research your experience, qualifications, and attitude. If you handle it right, the trend could present a major opportunity.


Here are nine ways to encourage your best clients to shout your name on the Web (and maybe even link to your site).


1. Be a problem solver.

The first thing you have to realize is that no amount of technology will get you a referral if you don’t earn it—and no one will know you’ve earned it unless you tell them. Most of us try so hard to keep all the dirty details away from our clients because we want their stress levels remain low. To them, it looks easy. While it’s important to make the transaction a smooth customer experience, it wouldn’t hurt to tell clients about all the effort we put in to resolving problems. They can’t appreciate all we do for them unless we share the fact that we handled the problems. Make sure you get the credit (and referrals) you deserve after you’ve solved them.


2. Ask for the referral.

The customers who love you, really love you! They may want to be able to give something back to you for all the hard work you put in on their behalf. They just don’t know how. Each time a client expresses how happy they are with you, ask them to do something to share that experience with the world. If they agree, explain how they can give you good online ratings and referrals. 


3.Tweet it to the world.

If they express an interest in giving you a referral or testimonial, ask them to put it on Twitter or Facebook. Or even better, show them how will update all of their social media platforms at once. You can offer to help them set it up and then ask them to make their first universal ping about how much they appreciate you. (With a link to your site of course—that’s great for search-engine optimization!)



If they want to do more, see if they’d be willing to fill out a review for you on Yelp or LinkedIn (preferably both, but don’t make it too hard or they won’t do anything).


5. Encourage them to use an online review site.

When you are coming close to the end of your transaction, ask your clients to give you a good review on one or two of the major real estate practitioner review Web sites. Send them an e-mail with links to the sites so that they can find them easily. If possible, set up the account for them and do everything except fill in their review. (Remember, it’s all about making the process easy for the client.) Some of the most popular review sites are:



6. Get the transaction testimonial.

At the closing, get a signed testimonial letter from them. How do you do this? Take all of the things that they ever said to you—or put online for you—and create a testimonial that reflects their experience as you understood it. Present it to them like this: “I know you’re busy, so I try to make giving me a testimonial easy. This is what I heard you say over the course of the time we worked together. If you agree, could you sign it for me, so I can have it for presentations in the future? Of course, you’re welcome to write your own if you prefer, I just wanted to make it easy for you.” Most people will sign it on the spot. The others will go home and write you a letter that’s even better than what you could have written.


7. Contact past clients. 

Need a good reason to contact a loyal former client? How about asking them to put a referral into an online system for you? (You’ve been sending them valuable information for years—they’d love a chance to offer you something in return.) You could take a previously written referral from the person, type it into an e-mail, and send them the links to the Web sites you want your review on. The person can then just cut and paste their review into the sites. Again, make sure you include an active hyperlink to your Web site—it will make it easier for prospects to reach you and increase your SEO (search-engine optimization).


8. Create a system. 

Put in place a system today that will get you and keep you on track for having great reviews of you anywhere and everywhere a prospect could look. Know which sites you’ll ask to be reviewed on and have e-mails pre-created and ready so you can simply send them out without too much effort on your part.


9. Ask for what you want.

Just like you can’t be afraid to ask for the sale if you want to sell, you can’t be afraid to ask for the referral if you want to get one. After the asking, the key is to make it easy for a client to say “yes”. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll see your personal cache´, your number of incoming leads, and ideally, your Web site ranking skyrocket.


Landmark Forum and Education

 Just recently I added to my training sessions to attend a sets of modules from Landmark Education.

The Basics of all sessions is The Landmark Forum.

How The Landmark Forum Works?

After you know the benefits of The Landmark Forum, most people want to know the specifics. So here are the answers to our most often asked questions: what, where, when, and how much will it cost. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact a Landmark Education office near you.

“One of life’s most rewarding experiences.” That’s how graduates describe The Landmark Forum. In fact, more than 90% of participants report that they received, “practical and enduring value.” Fun, exciting, collaborative, The Landmark Forum is not a lecture, motivational technique, or therapy – it’s a powerful, accelerated learning experience. A guided dialogue between the instructor and participants, The Landmark Forum is conducted in a casual environment with 75-250 people. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing. For further information, see the course syllabus. Lea acerca del contenido del curso (PDF) en español.

The Landmark Forum is held in a workshop setting, such as a hotel conference room or one of our meeting facilities in major metropolitan areas. Find a location and dates that are convenient for you.

The Landmark Forum takes place over three consecutive days and an evening session (generally Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday evening.) Each full day begins at 9:00 a.m. and typically ends at approximately 10:00 p.m. Breaks are approximately every 2-3 hours, with a 90-minute dinner break. The evening session generally runs from 7:00 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. (in certain locations, from 7:30 p.m. to 10:45 p.m.).

Note: Landmark Forums presented simultaneously in more than one language may end as late as 12:00 midnight.

People from six continents and all walks of life have taken The Landmark Forum. Educated, successful, ranging in age from students to seniors – Landmark Forum participants are people just like you.

Dynamic, effective, and committed to producing results for you – Landmark Forum leaders are considered the best in the industry. They are extensively trained and consistently receive high ratings from participants for their ability to communicate, listen, and powerfully deliver the courses.

How Much Does It Cost:
Tuitions vary based on location and currency. See tuition information.

For Schedule Information and to Register:

Find the locations and dates that are perfect for you, register online, or contact your local Landmark Education office.

Please visit for more details

Your Link Building Campaign Search for Quality or Search for Quantity?

If you’re new to internet marketing, one tip you may have heard around the internet is that quantity link building is a better campaign than quality link building.  However, if you’ve been around the internet awhile you know that a good link building campaign is just the opposite.  While it is important to get a good number of links pointing back to you, the quality of the link pointing back is much more vital.

The way to look at it is that a link is like a reference to your website.  If you were collecting references for another job, would you try to collect 25 good references or a few really good references?  It’s the same thing for your link building campaign.  You want nothing but the best pointing back to your website.

Not only is it a waste of your time to get as many links as possible as oppose to focusing on quality link building, it can also be detrimental to your website.  If you have hundreds of links of little value pointing to your website, the search engines may view your website as one with little value.  Obviously there are a number of other considerations that search engines take into account, but the links pointing back to your website is certainly one of the criteria.

So how do you know if it is a quality link or not?  There are a number of factors that you should take into consideration when starting your link building campaign.  One of the most common factors is the link’s page rank.  This is a great way to look for quality links because their page is ranked from the search engines.  However, you want to look at the page rank of the page that your website will be on, not their home page.  It does you no good to look at the page rank of their home page if your link will have no association to it.

Another consideration is how many links are already on the other person’s page.  Most people set up a page specifically for links to other websites.  It can be difficult at times, but during your link building campaigns you should try to find websites that have no more than 30 links on the page.  The page rank for any given page is distributed among the number of links on the page.  If you can find a page with 30 other links on it, you will receive 1/30th of the page rank for that page.

The last thing to consider during your link building campaign is whether you like the website or not.  Just because a website doesn’t have the highest page rank doesn’t automatically make it a poor website.  For all you know it could be a brand new website that will soon have a page rank of 6.  The important thing is that you go with your gut instinct and base your link building campaign around quality links and not the quantity of links.

What To Look Out For When Buying Website Traffic

As soon as you get a website of your own you realize that it will do you no good unless people see it. The biggest problem you will face on the internet is getting quality traffic to your website. In this article we will look at buying website traffic as one method to get visitors and the advantages and disadvantages of getting traffic this way.

When you buy website traffic you have to consider the type of traffic you are getting. A targeted visitor is worth more to you than a visitor that happens on your site for no apparent reason. You will see ads telling you that you can buy 10,000 hits for $10. This type of traffic is not really targeted and in the long run may be worthless or virtually worthless.

Buying targeted traffic could come to you in a couple of ways.

1. Pay Per Click Traffic

2. Classified ads

Pay per click advertising is a method of advertising where you target specific keywords and bid on each word. When someone clicks on your ad you get a visitor.. The more valuable the keyword is the more you will pay for each click. This is good traffic to buy because it is targeted. The people clicking on your ad want to do so because you have gotten their attention with a good heading and a well written ad.

The downside to pay per click advertising is click fraud. People who are searching will click on your ad just because they are in the habit of wondering aimlessly around the web or even worse they want to take your money because they are jerks.

Another problem with pay per click advertising is the cost. Buying this kind of website traffic is not for the faint of heart. You can quickly burn through a month’s ad budget in one day if you are not careful. You are better off to bid low and learn the ropes first. Google Adwords and MSN Adcenter have two of the best PPC ad programs.

Running classified ads is a cheap way to by traffic to your website. Paying one monthly fee to a quality classified ad service can bring you immediate traffic and all month long. A well written ad can be picked up by a search engine for a specific keyword and bring you traffic that way as well. A couple of the best classified ad companies are Adland Pro and USFreeads.

Buying traffic for your website is a fact of life if you want immediate traffic. Buying hits, traffic exchanges and other forms of non targeted traffic will help, but spending your money on targeted website traffic relating to the theme of your website is the best way to do it.

What To Look Out For When Buying Text Links


Having a large link network is critical for your website and business in a number of ways.  Building up your link index is one of the most efficient website promotion methods because of the number of backlinks that you get pointing towards your website.  Whether you are using the links for search engine optimization, affiliate programs or lead generation, taking the time to build your network is vital.

How you build your link network varies as there are a number of ways to do so.  The most efficient but time consuming method is building it organically through link exchanges.  However, because of the time and effort needed, many people opt to buy text links.  While this can be effective, it can also be detrimental to your website if you’re not careful.

The problem with buying links is that many of the major search engines don’t allow people to buy organic listings.  The reason for this is because they view it as you buying your way up the rankings.  Search engines would rather see people put in the time and effort to build up a natural website. 

If you are careful, the risk can be worth the reward when it is all said and done.  If you are careless, the penalty can be severe for buying text links.  Some websites have been penalized or in worst case scenario completely banned from major search engine indexes.  This is definitely a way to ruin a website, which makes it vital that you are careful if you opt to buy links.

If you are willing to take the risk and buy text links, there are a few things you can do to better your chances of having success without getting caught.  The most obvious way to put your website on radar with the search engines is to purchase thousands of links at one time.  When you buy that many links at one time, search engines see it as an unnatural method for increasing your link number.  You’re best off to spread it out and buy a few links here and a few there.

Along the same lines is buying links using the same anchor text.  Search engines will pick up on your purchases if they are all from the same domain name or using the exact same anchor text.  For the same reasons as purchasing a large amount of links, this will seem unnatural to the search engines.

There are several other things you need to consider prior to buying text links because of the potential of being penalized.  While buying links can definitely be beneficial to your website if you are careful, it all comes down to whether you are willing to risk it for the reward.

What Is Three-Way Linking All About?

The talk over linking and the value it has to your website has intensified over the past few years with no one truly being able to tell which is most efficient.  There are one way links, two way links and three way links, but the only people that honestly know which is best for you is Google.  The problem is that Google has taken it upon themselves to keep everyone in the dark on this.

The newest form of back links to come about is three way linking.  In simplest terms, three way linking is when Site A links to Site B, Site B links to Site C and Site C links to Site A.  The problem with getting back links using this method is that you have to be able to trust everyone that links with you. 

With two way links, you have to be able to trust one person and hope that they will truthfully put your link on their site.  With three way links there are more people to trust with that much more of a chance that someone will try to cheat you.  If one person breaks the chain and cheats you out of your rightful link, the whole circle is ruined. 

It doesn’t take a great amount of time or effort to get one or two way links, but it can become a little more confusing with three way links.  The reason being is that there is more to calculate and record to make sure your links are being placed on other people’s websites.  If you get a number of different three way links going, it becomes almost impossible to keep track.

Although it isn’t too difficult, the most time consuming part is initiating the trade.  You have to research and find your qualified candidates to be involved in the exchange and then contact them.  Once you contact them, you will probably have to explain why a three way link exchange will be more beneficial than a simple two way link exchange.  Because of this, be prepared to explain with details and statistics about how you all will benefit.

After that, you may want to consider bringing up the trust factor.  While it isn’t the end of the world if you get cheated out of a back link, it can be frustrating to go through the entire process only to find out that you don’t even have a link pointing back to you.  If you can bring up the trust factor without threatening anybody, you will have a better chance at building an efficient three way link exchange.

Three way links can be a great way to build back links for your website.  The only risk is that there are more chances for a website to back out or cheat you from a link.  As long as you research and find trustworthy people, three way links can be extremely beneficial for your website.

The Right Way To Do Directory Submission

Before we learn the right way to directory submission, it is important to know the definition of a web directory.

A Web directory is defined as an organized, categorized listings of web sites. In other words it is a collection of websites that are organized by subject or category. One distinct characteristic of a web directory is that it is usually maintained by humans instead of software like in the case of search engines.

The visitor to the web site can scroll down the categories and sub categories to locate the information they are seeking. Web directories are essentially much smaller than search engines’ databases as humans and not search engine spiders organize them. Some try to overcome this shortcoming by partnering with major search engines.

As human editors review the websites, only top quality and relevant websites get included in the web directories. At least this was the thinking with the initial human edited web directories. The top web directories include Yahoo Directory, DMOZ directory, Looksmart, Gimpsy,, JoeAnt, Hotrate, Wherewithal/Xoron and Zeal.

Directory Submissions - How to get listed on web directories?

There are two ways for sites to be included in a Web directory’s listings.

1. The site owner submit the site URL to the Web directory which is reviewed and then included under the relevant category or

2. The directory’s editor will eventually come across that site.

Here are some guidelines to effective directory submission:

1. Before you even start submitting your websites to the directories check your website. Is every part of the website complete in every respect. Are all the links on the different pages working? Optimize your website for required keywords and keyword phrases. Keep it two or maximum three keywords. This is important as human editors will not be as forgiving as automatic spiders and will simply reject under construction or incomplete websites.

2. Keep multiple titles, descriptions, keywords and website URL ready before starting your submission. Include keywords, phrases in title, and description for added relevancy. But don’t make it look like a string of keywords or something that is taken from the Meta description. Remember the web directories are human edited. So, include imaginative, descriptive and catchy titles and description that grab and hold attention of a human editor. Else, the editor may change the description, which may not be to your liking at all.

3. When submitting your website ensure that you submit in the most relevant category. When not sure do a search with your keywords. You will be presented with relevant results and categories where they are listed. Select the most appropriate category for your website. One more method is to find the categories where your competitors are listed and choose that category.

4. If asked submit a short list of single keywords separated by a space or comma. Do not submit your whole list of keywords. They will not be accepted. Submit the most useful and most relevant keywords.

The above steps if followed properly during your directory submission process should ensure your website’s acceptance in most of the top web directories.


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