Australians are the most active social media users

A December study by Nielsonwire shows the worldwide annual increase of 82 percent of time spent on social network platforms, and an astounding average 5.5 hours per individual per month. When making a global comparison, it was concluded that Australians spent a jawdropping average of 6hours and 52 minutes per month, as an active ‘Socialmedia-ite’. Americans came second in this race, who spend an average of 6 hours and 9 minutes per month.

Other statistics were as follows: (H:M:S)

Australia – (6:52:28)
United States -(6:09:13)
United Kingdom – (6:07:54)
Italy – (6:00:07)
Spain – (5:30:55)
Brazil – (4:33:10)
Germany – (4:11:45)
France – (4:04:39)
Switzerland – (3:54:34)
Japan – (2:50:21)

So, why exactly are Australians slightly more atuned to social media than us? Ross Dawson gives us a fantastic insight. He introduces us to famous Australian culture, known as ‘tall poppy’ syndrome, where one’s opinions are dying to unleash, stand tall and be shouted out.

With the emergence and growth of social media, these stand out opinions are allowed to blend in with the soul purpose of social media in the first place; getting your voice out and heard. Twitter has also been most favoured by Australians since reports have shown that Sydney is one of the lead twittering cities.
With further explanation in his report, Dawson’s report is definately worth a peek.
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  1. Interesting that they want to be heard. I think social media gives everyone their voice

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