How to Become a Millionaire: Start Thinking Like One via Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is one of the most qualified trainers and coaches in the world regarding “how to become a millionaire”. Few days ago he published on his blog an article highlighting 6 exercises to get you closer and closer to the millionaire status if this is something which might interest you.


1) How to Make More Money: Start By Writing Down Your Ideas
2) Goal Setting: Relax and Reflect on Your Financial Goals
3) Gaining Financial Independence Using The Magic Wand Technique
4) Project Forward and Think Back on Your Financial Goals
5) How to Become a Millionaire By Practicing “Mind-Storming” on Every Problem
6) Save Your Money and Become a Millionaire

My favoutite is 5) and you can find the whole article here.

18 Days To Go Until The Berlin Marathon

The calendar says that there are 18 days to go until my next marathon – I will run Berlin for the first time.

As usual now, I’m running for charity suuporting Children with Cancer Uk and White Cross Foundation from Romania. I was a little lazy with the training in the last 4 days so I must come back on track.


berlin marathon registration form 2014

berlin marathon 2014

children with cancer september

fundatia crucea alba

I’ve also started a fundraising campaign for Children with Cancer and I will be please to offer training and coaching in exchange for your donations. All the funds will go directly to the foundation and you can find more details here.

Great opportunity available only for serious business owners

Yesterday I’ve shared with my e-mail subscribers, consulting and coaching clients an opportunity to work with an amazing team. But there IS a catch:
You must already be making at least $25k/month in your business to even qualify for this offer.

live the way


What’s the offer?

Two world-class copywriters and marketing wizards have joined forces to turn your business (online or offline) into a $100k/Month Empire!

And if that didn’t sound crazy enough, they’re so confident that they guarantee they’ll do it in just 90 days, or they’ll refund ALL your money AND send you a $20,000 check for trying.

When it comes to marketing, these guys have a combined total of $100 MILLION dollars under their marketing black-belts, in more than 70+ different niche markets – online and offline!

They’re doing ALL the work including:
* Writing every ounce of copy
* Setting up proven marketing funnels
* All website tech, design and graphics
* Split-testing for maximum conversions
* Upsells, Downsells and Cross-sells
* Tier-1 Traffic and Lead Generation
* Content Development & Distribution
* Video Marketing (Audio & Video)
* SEO white-hat domination methods
* Article Writing and Syndication
* Press Release Writing & Marketing
* Private Traffic Networks and Media Buy-ins
(some of these elite networks charge $5k-$20k+)
* Monetization strategies and implementation
* and so much more!

If you’re a serious, savvy business owner who would jump at the chance to have two premium high-level copywriters and marketing masters handle EVERYTHING for you, to turn your site into a literal $100,000 a month business,
Click here to learn more

What Is Invoice Finance And When Should You Use It?

Simply put, Invoice Finance refers to the short term loan provided by various financing companies to supplement a business with working capital. When a business provides a product or service to a company it issues an invoice to the buyer. Depending on the nature of business, there can be several situations when the business receives the payment in a time of 30-90 days. While the payment is being processed, the business would often require working capital to maintain itself for those 30-90 days. Invoice Finance is a loan provided by financial institutes utilizing the unpaid sales invoices as collateral.

invoice Continue reading

How To Fail Forward #mindsetgiveaway – The Audio Version Of The Book Failing Forward By John C. Maxwell

Today I have a special surprise – the audio version of the book Failing Forward by John C Maxwell. What’s most interesting about this book is that it offers a new perspective on Failure which should be something to push you forward and not keep you from taking action.

John c maxwell failing forward




Enjoy the audiobook through the Youtube video below and … if you’d like to have the paperback version find it here.

How to overcome any fear you might have (free webinar)

This blog will have every month from now a main topic which will be something we need to address in our life and make it better.  The topic for September is FEAR because this “thing” holds us back most of the times. We all have inner fears and sometimes we live our whole life with them which is a madness because we miss a lot of opportunities in the process.


Today I will present a webinar on “How to overcome any fear you might have” from the mindset and entrepreneurial point of view. This will be followed by other webinars, videos and articles adressing this major problem.  Register here for the free webinar today.










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