How to deal with distractions at work

I have to say from the start that I don’t like the word “work” if you used in as a way to define your profession. Work = play seems more appropriate but even if you are playing you need to be with the mind where you are actually playing.

Most of failures when we are talking about what we are doing professionally comes from the fact that we are physically in a certain place, our mind is elsewhere and the action is in a totally different place.

No matter if our intentions are to be 100% focused on doing something there are tons of distractions around which make us to start something, not finish, start something else, forget about it and our life becomes a mess slowly but surely. Another wrong approach is to count the hours in a day and to be like in a competition with the passing of time. You may win over a short period but over time you will not win, I can guarantee for that.

How to deal with distractions at work

How to deal with distractions at work

So when we are doing something related to our profession – how to deal with distractions? I would say … one bit at a time as this is a learned skill. There are so many systems to manage this and I would say that most of them don’t actually work.

What works is a change in the internal game where to communicate with ourselves that it is much more important to get the job done and give 110% in the completion process than pay attention to the distractions around. Most of the distrations will be there when you finish but they will not be life changers as it can be a job well done. With every well done job or act you grow a snowball and will do things better and better. Social media I have to say is by far one of the biggest distractions for many people and the reality is that many times at the end of the day what you count are not the finished tasks but the amount of time spent online without a real purpose. My wish is that this article to make you think about your own distractions and learn how to turn them off from your attention.

The 2015 Checklist For Selling Online Courses

If you’re looking to build a membership site or sell online courses for profit, here’s my top 5 tips to get started right away.


Tip 1: Stop wasting your time with outdated tools and complicated membership scripts. Instead, build your own membership within minutes by using an incredible new tool called Value Addon. It handles EVERYTHING for you. You just upload your content and set your prices.

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Meet Geoff, Ozana and yours truly in London on 9th of March – Build Your Sales Funnel Masterclass (free event)

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and professional service providers – come and meet Ozana Giusca, Geoff Alexander and your truly on 9th March, in Central London, to learn how to build your sales funnel and generate hot leads on autopilot.
It is a FREE event. Join us & discover how to increase your visibility within your target audience and attract your best clients like bees to honey.

Sales Funnel Masterclass

Sales Funnel Masterclass

During The Event You’ll Discover How to…

– Package your knowledge & make money without the pain of selling
– Build your sales funnel to generate leads while you sleep & pay for your marketing costs at the same time
– Sell more & faster… on autopilot
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– Avoid 3 deadly mistakes most small businesses make when trying to attract clients
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Just as the economy is rapidly changing, so are your clients’ purchasing habits.
What worked before to attract clients & generate business doesn’t work anymore.
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The first edition of Entrepreneurs in Romania meetup – 19th of February 2015

In 2015 I’ve started to put together meetups with like minded people and the first to roll was Entrepreneurs in Romania. The host of the event was Ystore‘s HQ, Romania’s premier e-tailer of Greek genuine food products, and the event’s partners were Ystore, Tymbark Romania, Webfuture and Mushbloom. The speakers at the event were Ilias Papageorgiadis, the owner of Ystore, a savvy Greek businessman doing biz in Romania in the last 11 years and Robert Burcea, speaker, entrepreneurs and event organiser. Besides quality and natural business networking the participants also tested the main products from Ystore’s portofolio. The series of meetups and events under Entrepreneurs in Romania umbrella just started so please join our community here:

meetup entrepreneurs in romania 19 feb 2015 1

meetup entrepreneurs in romania 19 feb 2015 2

meetup entrepreneurs in romania 19 feb 2015 3

meetup entrepreneurs in romania 19 feb 2015 4

meetup entrepreneurs in romania 19 feb 2015 5

meetup entrepreneurs in romania 19 feb 2015 6

meetup entrepreneurs in romania 19 feb 2015 7

meetup entrepreneurs in romania 19 feb 2015 8

Meetup Entrepreneurs in Romania

Meetup Entrepreneurs in Romania

Invitation: T. Harv Eker’s Spiritual Secrets of a Millionaire (Masterclass)

Spiritual Millionaire Webinar

Spiritual Millionaire Webinar

I am happy to announce that on 10th of February T.Harv Eker will present a new free online training session.

On the free masterclass, you will discover:

1. How to become a Millionaire, the Spiritual way … someone who is kind, balanced, generous, peaceful, spiritual – AND really, really, really RICH!

2. 8 “Millionaire Blocks” which sabotage your financial success. (If you’re not yet a millionaire, chances are you’re struggling with one – or more – of these blocks.)

3. T. Harv Eker’s meditation guiding you in a wealth-building Creative Visualization… a transformational session that’ll align you with your purpose and quickly reprogram your money blueprint for more wealth and abundance.

… and much, much more.
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The real reason we fail with the Law of Attraction

One of my habits – some people like it some don’t is to include at the beginning of every training some personal development info tailored to the audience. I am not a specialist in Law of Attraction but I am asked in many situations about it. I am a user of LOA as everybody else just that I am aware of the way it really works and how can we use it to work for us and not against us.

Bob Proctor interview

Bob Proctor interview

As I am connected with most (good) personal development coaches, trainers and teachers I’ve found yesterday an interview with Bob Proctor made by Natalie Ledwell. She is the founder of Mind Movies, best-selling author and host of the online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

She just released an explosive new video with an incredible interview with none other than one of the masters of success himself, Bob Proctor

But what’s even more intriguing is that in the video she tells the private insider story of how she and her partner, Glen, went from “down and out” down under in Australia, to living the life of their dreams in California. Actually I know them from 2009 so their story is real. Continue reading

In celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Free Track)

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and delivered what would be become one of the finest and most influential speeches in American history – I Have A Dream. Over 50 years may have passed since then, but his stirring words are as inspirational today as they were when he first delivered it.

martin luther king

So here’s the free track to honoring a man who created ripples in human history by promoting a world of integration, brotherly love, and unity. Click here to get it!


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