The Reality Is That When You Focus on Failure Statistics, You May End Up One

We’ve all heard that 80 percent (or even 90 percent) of new businesses fail. Indeed, that statistic is used more than any other business statistic I’ve ever heard. Politicians use it to bolster their campaigns and point out that there needs to be a change. Random people uses it to discourage others from taking risks. Your parents might have used it to encourage you to stay in school and to get a “safe” job.

Regardless of who uses it or what their reasons are, the truth is that anyone who actually lets that statistic affect them and scare them away from starting their own business is a loser.

failure statistics

Yes, that sounds harsh. And it should sound harsh. What else would you call an athlete that withdraws from the match before it even starts because there’s a “chance” he might lose? It’s the same thing with entrepreneurship. If you’re too afraid to get into the game because you might lose, then you’ve already lost.

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Social Lead Chief makes Facebook automation very simple

One of the things I’ve learned being an online marketer is that proper automation is needed for leverage – multiplying results. I am in tests with a new tool to help us with the Facebook Marketing. I just started to use it so I don’t have a feedback for the moment but will come back. Being a beta tester I would like to also get feedback from other marketers about it offering in exchange some cool bonuses as you can find at the bottom of this article.

social lead chief

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How To Improve Your Business Cash Flow Via Factoring?

Invoice factoring can be a boon to your business if you handle it right. It is always great to have funds to handle your finances, meet expected and unexpected expenses in business and increase your working capital when a need arises. Bank loans may be great but they do not work for all. By using invoice factoring, which is a best option with the least eligibility conditions, you can manage your financial needs perfectly well. factoring cash flow

Invoice Factoring – Quick And Lasting Solution

You cannot always predict when an urgent financial need would arise. Even if you are eligible for bank loans, the process involved for sanction of loan could be tiresome and definitely not as fast as invoice factoring. Moreover, you do not bind yourself to any long term commitment if you seek factoring firm for cushioning. You can have a comfortable arrangement where you can seek their help when a need arises. Since you get paid on your invoice, you do not suffer the hassles involved if you go for a loan. The procedure is quite simple. Once you have your invoice ready for a product sold or a service offered, you can send it across to invoice factoring firm, which, after verification pays you up to 90% of your invoice value in advance. You get the remaining amount paid after deducting a nominal fee once your customer pays your bill. This arrangement helps to improve your cash flow. Let us see how.

Immediate Funds For Urgent Needs

Many businesses offer up to 3 months credit for payment to their customers. If you fall under this category, invoice factoring will help you to have a smooth cash flow. Since you get paid by the factoring company you need not wait till your customer pays you. You can manage your expenses using the cash and you are perfectly in trouble-free zone. Continue reading

Money Management Tips from 7 Billionaires

The website published an interesting article about

Money management skills do not come effortlessly and naturally to all. Spending wisely and living frugally prove to be a challenge to a number of people, and this is when money management becomes of utmost importance.

No other bunch of individuals can best offer pieces of advice on how to properly handle money than the world’s billionaires. The fact that they have risen above everyone to amass great wealth should be enough reason to trust what they have to say.

If you’re looking to spend less, save more, and do all the right things with your money, we suggest you take note of these money management tips from seven of the world’s billionaires:

Bill Gates (net worth: $79 billion)

The Microsoft co-founder and former CEO believes in learning from past mistakes. According to him, “It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” Never forget the money problems you’ve had in the past and the factors that caused them. Think of what works and what doesn’t whenever you’re making a money-related decision.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Oprah Winfrey (net worth: $2.9 billion)

The inspirational woman billionaire, TV personality, media executive, and philanthropist says finding your true passion is the first step to success. Figure out what it is you really love to do, and you’ll see that spending for it will be worth it. Nothing can ever present real value for money than something that brings fulfillment. Continue reading

How To Created an Online Course on Udemy with Free and Open Source Software

Udemy is one of the platforms where I upload content and courses and plan to use it more in the future. Recently I’ve found a blog post about using great free resources for creating Udemy courses – screencasts with audio, lecture notes and an eBook.

Here are totally free resources to use for creating udemy courses.

Recording Screencasts with Kazam

For recording screencasts (recording actions on the desktop), you can use use Kazam. It is available in the Ubuntu software center. You can save the output as H264 (MP4).


These shorcuts were useful

CTRL + SUPER (Win) + R – Start recording

CTRL + SUPER (Win) + F – Finish recording Continue reading

The Virgin Group of companies is in the testing with “every employee can take a vacation anytime and for any amount of time”

The followers of my blog knows that Richard Branson is my favourite entrepreneur and he continue to amaze me with what he is building around the Virgin brand. In fact, two of my goals are: 1. to share the stage with him and second to spend a week with my family on Necker Island. And, currently I have more that 30 goals to accomplish in the next period.

Richard Branson in his Hammock on Necker Island

Richard Branson in his Hammock on Necker Island

In the past few years, Netflix has become the runaway market leader in the streaming video sector.

One clue as to how they intend to remain there this time comes from a very well-advised and downright courageous initiative they adopted that rewrote the book – or to be more precise, threw it away – on something very near and dear to the hearts of most workers around the world: their annual vacation day entitlement. Continue reading

The 8 Threats To Be World Class with Robin Sharma

I took aside a couple of hours to update my blogs and will continue after the lunchtime with cald calling and real estate listings. Usually when I do this, my ears are plugged in some beautiful music – house or hip-hop, meditation or motivational – strategy things. Today my ears are connected to a webinar by Robin Sharma – follow this link to view it, where he speaks about The 8 Threats To Be World Class and The Icon’s Decline.

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma

I have to say that one of my interests in listening this is to gain new insights about keeping the momentum and keeping myself together when things around seems to tear apart. It’s always a minset thing but … we just need to learn how to do it.

I like how Robin name “Titans” succsessful people from every walk of life. But .. they are not just successful, they are outstanding. That’s why they are called Titans.

My takeways from the webinar are actually the 8 threats:

1. The threat of disbelief – if you follow my blog and my speaking gigs you already know how important are the beliefs in shaping our life in the direction we want or the opposite.
2. The threat of complexity – sometimes I like to live a really complex life but most of the time the KISS principle – keep it stupid simple should lead the way.
3. The threat of reaching good enough – I’ve been here many, many times, Tony Robbins call it the pressure cooker; when we reach a good enough level we stop acting at the same level as before and as a result – we simply fall.
4. The threat of loss of longevity
5. The threat of distraction – we people, love shinny objects and I am guilty for indulging in this; let’s eliminate this threat; the lack of focus is the biggest enemy of success.
6. The threat of under capitalization
7. The threat of talent depletion – our talents are like muscles and we need to exercise them over and over again.
8. The threat of reputational deterioration – you know, a reputation built over 20 years can be destroyed in 5 minutes.

Again, here is the link to the webinar.


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